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Spotlight on Student Support: Dr Linda Chipunza

At DaVinci Business School, student success isn’t just about compliance or ticking boxes - it’s about genuine care and development. Dr Linda Chipunza, a Learning Behavioural Specialist and our Student Support Lead is a key player in making this vision a reality. With a robust background in educational development and a passion for nurturing growth, Dr Chipunza is a cornerstone of the DaVinci community.

A Journey of Education and Empowerment

Dr Chipunza’s academic and professional journey is nothing short of inspiring. She obtained her DPhil et Litt Degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA), where both her doctoral and master’s research focused on enhancing individual potential through self-awareness and targeted support. This foundation laid the groundwork for her extensive career in education and development.

A Life Dedicated to Teaching and Learning

From the classroom to the training seminar, Dr Chipunza has dedicated her career to the art of education. She has enriched minds as a secondary school teacher and later as a teacher trainer in both primary and secondary Teacher Training Colleges. Her expertise took her to a regional university’s Department of Applied Linguistics, where she taught communication skills across various faculties.

Before joining DaVinci Business School, she honed her skills in people development at FNB, working in diverse specialist areas but always with a focus on skills development. Her roles have always centred on empowering others to excel in their respective fields.

The Heart of DaVinci’s Student Support

Here at DaVinci, student support is pivotal to our educational philosophy. It is an integral part of our online learning environment, designed to ensure retention, success, and satisfaction. Dr Chipunza’s role is crucial in this ecosystem. She leads these efforts with exemplary dedication and insight and embodies the spirit of mentorship and support that DaVinci stands for.

Her commitment to quality and leadership in student support services goes beyond traditional roles. Dr Chipunza is driven by a task-oriented, creative, and process-oriented approach. She deeply understands the nuances of distance learning and adult learners' challenges. Her strategies are designed to foster high performance and facilitate the effective communication skills necessary for students to succeed academically and professionally.

Inspiring Future Leaders

Dr Linda's passion for oral and written communication is evident in her interaction with students and colleagues. She believes strongly in the power of effective communication as a tool for quality output and organisational transformation.

At DaVinci, we are proud to have Dr Linda Chipunza as a vital part of our team. Her dedication to the growth and success of our students ensures that we continue to deliver informative and transformative education.

Through her work, Dr Chipunza doesn’t just support students; she inspires future leaders. Her influence stretches far beyond the confines of our campus, into the lives she touches and the communities they will go on to serve. At DaVinci Business School, we look forward to continuing this journey of excellence and impact with Dr. Chipunza leading the way in student support.

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Thatha Ntombendala Mamzozo, on your outstanding achievements as a community builder, African Queen and Black Rose. Your contribution to the success of the DaVinci Business School has been exemplary. Over the years, your support and unwavering love for education have been instrumental in the graduation of many students, including myself.

Your dedication to grooming and supporting students has played a crucial role in shaping our lives and transforming us into learned graduates. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we are truly grateful for the impact you have made in our lives.

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved success. You have demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism and expertise in your field, and we are proud to be associated with…

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