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Dr Raymond Toga's Guide to Thriving in Your Doctoral Studies

Embarking on a doctoral journey is a monumental task that requires dedication, strategy, and a support system to guide you through its numerous challenges. At DaVinci Business School, our commitment to nurturing future scholars is epitomised by the wisdom shared by Dr Raymond Toga, our Learning Coordinator for Doctoral Programmes and an alumnus of our Doctorate of Management of Technology and Innovation. In this post, Dr Toga provides a roadmap with practical tips to support current and prospective doctoral students.

1. Set Clear Yearly Goals

"Document your yearly goals as a project plan," advises Dr. Toga. This structured approach is about setting objectives and charting a clear path towards achieving them. This methodical planning can significantly enhance your focus and drive, providing clear milestones and accomplishments to look forward to.

2. Enhance Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is pivotal in every sphere, more so in academia. Dr Raymond emphasises the importance of articulating your ideas clearly and persuasively. "Investing in honing your communication skills can greatly benefit your journey," he notes. Strong communication skills are invaluable, whether it's writing your thesis, presenting your research, or simply interacting with your peers and mentors.

3. Be Present in Meetings

The interactions you have with your supervisors can greatly impact your doctoral experience. Dr Raymond Toga suggests making your presence felt from the start. "Make your presence felt within the first few minutes of starting a meeting with your supervisor," he recommends. A proactive and engaged approach can foster a supportive and constructive relationship, making your journey smoother and more productive.

4. Establish a Personal Board of Directors

Navigating the highs and lows of a doctoral journey requires more than just academic support. Dr Toga advises establishing a 'personal board of directors' - a group of mentors who can provide guidance and support. This board should include individuals who understand your academic and personal aspirations, offering advice that spans the full spectrum of your life's challenges and achievements.

5. Choose Your Associations Wisely

"You are the average of the people you associate with," Dr Toga cautions. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, and similarly motivated individuals can make a significant difference in your doctoral journey. Choose to spend time with those who inspire you, challenge you constructively, and support your goals.

6. Stay Motivated

Maintaining motivation over the years it takes to complete a doctorate can be daunting. Dr. Toga underscores the importance of having cheerleaders in your corner. "Have cheerleaders and hype masters who can keep you motivated and encourage you to consistently show up at your best," he states. Remembering why you started this journey can help you stay focused and inspired through challenging times.

The Importance of Resilience and Curiosity

Dr Toga wraps up his advice by reminding students to stay resilient, focused, and curious. "Always remain curious, open-minded, and passionate about your remarkable doctoral research journey," he encourages. This mindset not only helps you overcome obstacles but also makes the most of the learning opportunities that come your way.

Reach Out for Support

Lastly, Dr Toga reminds students that he is just an email away for DaVinci doctoral students who need further guidance or support. His willingness to assist is a testament to DaVinci Business School's dedication to its students.

By taking these insights to heart, current and prospective doctoral students at DaVinci Business School can enhance their educational experience and pave the way for successful and fulfilling academic careers. Remember, the journey to attaining your doctoral degree may be challenging, but with the right strategies and support, it is also incredibly rewarding.

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