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Professor Thuli Madonsela Joins Our Strategic Advisory Board

We are excited to announce a significant addition to our Strategic Advisory Board at DaVinci Business School. Professor Thuli Madonsela, a renowned professor of law and an influential figure in social justice, has joined our team of esteemed advisors. Professor Madonsela brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and dedication that promises to enhance our institution’s mission and strategic direction significantly.

A Stalwart of Justice and Education

Professor Madonsela occupies the prestigious Law Trust Research Chair in Social Justice at Stellenbosch University and founded the Thuma Foundation for Democracy Leadership and Literacy. Her contributions to law and social justice are extensive and profound. As the former Public Protector of South Africa, she played a critical role in drafting the South African Constitution. She co-architected several constitutionally mandated laws, including the Equality Act, Employment Equity Act, and Promotion of Administrative Justice Act.

Her work has not only reshaped the landscape of South African law but has also had a ripple effect on international human rights practices. Professor Madonsela’s efforts in investigating improper conduct in state affairs have established new benchmarks for transparency and accountability in governance.

An Educator and a Leader

In her academic roles, Professor Madonsela is deeply involved in teaching and research, focusing on Constitutional Law, Social Justice Law, Administrative Law, and Constitutional Governance and Ethical Leadership courses. Her extensive publication record further underlines her commitment to advancing legal and social discourse. An advocate of the High Court of South Africa, she also holds eight honorary law doctorates and has received over 70 awards for her service and achievements.

Beyond the Professional Realm

Professor Madonsela’s commitment to social justice extends beyond her professional endeavours. She is an avid mountaineer who has twice summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in campaigns to raise awareness and funds for social causes, including the #Trek4Mandela and the Social Justice M-Plan. Her dedication to these causes speaks volumes about her character and commitment to making a tangible impact on society.

Looking Ahead

As we welcome Professor Thuli Madonsela to our Strategic Advisory Board, we look forward to the insights and inspiration she will bring to our school. Her unparalleled expertise and ethos of service will undoubtedly guide our strategic initiatives and help mould the future leaders we are committed to developing.

Stay tuned for more updates as Professor Madonsela begins her journey with us, and join us in embracing the wealth of opportunities her involvement is set to bring. We are confident that her presence on our board will be transformative, and we are eager to see the fruits of this new chapter in our school’s history.

Welcome, Professor Madonsela, to DaVinci Business School. Together, we will strive towards a brighter, more just future in business education.


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