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Navigating Study Finance: Highlights from DaVinci's Recent Webinar with Vela Trust and Student Hero

Recently, The DaVinci Institute hosted its first, yet insightful, student funding webinar on external bursaries and student loans in partnership with Vela Trust and Student Hero. During this event, the evolution of our business school, along with an overview of DaVinci’s academic programmes, was outlined by our Executive Dean of Learning and Design, Dr Rudi Buys.

Crucial Steps to Unlocking Student Funding, Dr Retha Langa's Expert Advice from Vela Trust

To set the scene, Dr Retha Langa, Executive Head at Vela Trust, provided a glimpse of the trust itself, explaining its purpose. Crucially, she delved into the discussion surrounding the various ways one can obtain education funding or bursaries. Dr Langa noted the fact that student funding is a major challenge for many in South Africa and, therefore, as Vela Trust, “we are trying to unlock more funding for students, and we support students to apply for bursaries. We do a lot of work to empower students to grab the opportunities that are there. My input tonight is really around shedding light on how both these work and to give you some insight into how you can successfully apply for them.”

During her presentation, Dr Langa spoke about various key bursary requirements and tips – further noting that bursary applications are quite competitive, thus ensuring that one meets the application criteria and submits within the application timeframe is imperative.

Simplifying Student Funding, Johan Wiggins Shares Expertise as CEO of Student Hero

Johan Wiggins, Co-founder and CEO of Student Hero, joined the discussion and introduced the organisation he leads as “South Africa's largest student finance facilitation service; it is an initiative aimed at helping current and prospective students learn about, apply for, and qualify for study finance from various educational finance providers on a single platform.” Johan also spoke about the nature and intricacies of student funding, giving invaluable insights about the qualifying criteria and the process to apply for study finance.

Building Opportunities, DaVinci's Quarterly Webinar Spotlights Funding Insights and Collaborations for Students

Focused on the pivotal task of identifying and leveraging funding opportunities for our students at Davinci, events like these play a crucial role in empowering our student community. The insights provided during the webinar not only shed light on the challenges students face but also offered practical guidance on successfully applying for bursaries and student loans. The DaVinci Institute remains dedicated to fostering an environment where education is accessible to all, irrespective of financial constraints.

Next year, in our quarterly student funding webinar, we look forward to continued collaborations with organisations like Vela Trust and Student Hero to co-create more opportunities for our students in the years to come.

External Bursaries

Discover bursaries provided by external organisations that we're excited to share with you. Thanks to our partner, Vela Trust, which provides bursaries, student support, and employability initiatives to enable graduates to find meaningful work. Don't allow financial constraints to hinder your education and future prospects. Take the opportunity.


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