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Journey to Impacting Lives and Creating a Sustainable Environment

Dr. Rajaspree Pillay is a change agent whose mission is to create a humane and sustainable environment. A proud alum of The DaVinci Business School, Dr. Pillay has made significant contributions to her field of work and is now a highly regarded expert in Global HR Management, Transformation, Employee Relations, Social Inclusion, Change Management, and Business Strategy. With over 24 years of experience working in a range of industries, including the environmental sector, IT, FMCG, and finance, Dr. Pillay has proven to be a valuable asset to any organisation.

Dr. Pillay's Doctoral thesis, "Towards achieving a green environment and economic empowerment through the inclusion of waste pickers in South Africa: A Case Study within the Ekurhuleni Municipality," is a testament to her dedication to making a difference in the world. The study focuses on the Ekurhuleni municipality, which is facing a growing landfill crisis. By examining the current state of waste management in the area and exploring ways to engage waste reclaimers, Dr. Pillay's research argues that social cohesion among all stakeholders, including informal reclaimers, is key to creating a green environment and promoting economic empowerment.

Completing her Doctoral qualification was a challenging journey for Dr. Pillay, but her patience, perseverance, and tenacity saw her through to the end. The experience has transformed her from a research accumulator to a research contributor, allowing her to turn her ideas and words into action.

With her Doctoral degree now complete, Dr. Pillay is focused on operationalising social cohesion and multiparty stakeholder engagement to mobilise informal reclaimers towards a greener environment and socio-economic upliftment. She is also committed to poverty alleviation through job creation, skills transfer to other academic enthusiasts, and publishing articles.

For students embarking on the same journey, Dr. Pillay offers the following advice: "When you embark on your PhD journey, you are not expected to know everything. However, as you progress through each day you will become more knowledgeable and familiar with the subject matter than the previous day. Never underestimate the time you spend to reflect; it is in these moments of reflection that new ideas are born. Allow the ideas to develop and constantly remind yourself of your objectives. Write consistently. The paragraphs later develop into chapters. Always remember the final product is very rewarding, keep the end in sight and reward yourself regularly."

In conclusion, Dr. Rajaspree Pillay is a true inspiration to all who are committed to creating a better world. Her dedication to her field of work, and her unwavering commitment to making a difference, is an example to us all. The DaVinci Business School is proud to call her one of its own, and we are honoured to showcase her achievements as part of our alumni showcase.


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