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Today, The Da Vinci Institute observes International Day for the Abolition of Slavery...

The focus of this day is on combating human trafficking, the sexual exploitation of children, forced marriage, and child labour. In view of the international community's efforts to eliminate such practices, the concept of slavery may be a relic of the past. However, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and child abuse are still present in our society. 

Therefore, we must continue to work towards ending all those forms of slavery, and focus our efforts on co-creating a more humane, sustainable society where all people can live with dignity and respect.
Is it Ms, Mr or Mrs? No it’s Dr actually...

A Doctorate is a journey not a destination. Your destination is unlimited as a leader when you support the contribution of new knowledge in the business leadership domain that resolve socio-economic challenges.

Do you have some important new business leadership knowledge to share? Come enrol for your Doctor of Business Leadership.

Learn More: https://zcu.io/BY7y
We would like to congratulate one of our remarkable Doctoral alumnus, Dr Zain Reddiar who has been selected as one of the Global 200 Power Leaders in HR 2022-23, by White Page International. This is in recognition of Dr Reddiar's work and contributions to the field of Human Resource Management across the African and Middle Eastern continents.

Please join us in congratulating Dr Reddiar for his continued contribution to co-creating the landscape of people management and highlighting the importance of human capital contribution in business across continents.
If you want to change the result of something, you need to be open to not only viewing what is right in front of you but seeing the world through multiple lenses, realities and endless possibilities. It is about exploring things outside of the known and knowable and considering the unknown and even the chaotic. By doing this you can deconstruct and reconstruct things to have new meaning. Although it may feel risky and requires courage, remember some of the best leaders take risks courageously in the pursuit of a favourable end goal for all. Once you develop the ability to comfortably sit in the unknown and chaotic, as much as in the known and knowable, you will feel yourself transform into an agile, aligned and engaged managerial leader, able to influence the co-creation of more humane sustainable societies. Try it! The result will be worth the effort.
Plagued by memories of having to learn ‘off by heart’ at school? Terrified of studying as an adult?... 

The Da Vinci Institute turns this type of learning on its head, by flipping the classroom, and using the principles of Mode 2 Knowledge production. Say what? Now we got you thinking…. wondering what this means….  

Da Vinci Institute teaches according to the principles of Mode 2 knowledge production. This ensures a focus on the creation of knowledge that is:

Transdisciplinary in nature – this is all about looking at different views by engaging different disciplines. Why? Well, this way one can come up with more comprehensive and reliable solutions. The Da Vinci Institute recognises that in real-life authentic situations, business leaders and managers need to deal with a range of disciplines to solve problems and achieve organisational objectives.

Socially relevant – what you learn must matter, be relevant and impactful to society and have a social return on investment. Then as a leader you can have better impact and influence workplace realities and/or entrepreneurial activities.   

Actively promotes diversity and heterogeneity – people bring their own skills and experiences when producing knowledge and this must always be recognised. Your voice matters! Students are encouraged to draw from unlimited toolsets. Even in a workplace context, a team probing a problem may change over time, as requirements change, or some people are no longer part of the team. This allows for greater diversity in both the composition and structure, enabling a project team approach. Knowledge in this way can be generated in lots of contexts and for different organisations – meaning you will learn to be agile in any situation and work context.  

The intention of Mode 2 is to apply situated learning, problem-probing, and decision-making to address business- and community-based problems.  

To provide students with a remarkable educational experience, the Da Vinci Institute, as an online distance provider of higher education, makes use of ‘flipped classrooms’, an andragogical (adult learning) approach, where the primary educational material is prepared by the students before the tuition support session, and where the tuition support sessions are then used as spaces for co-operative engagements and the co-creation of knowledge. 

Interested to learn more? Click here: https://www.davinci.ac.za/
With the Higher Certificate in Management of Technology and Innovation, you can gain a deeper understanding of business and become a more effective leader. https://www.davinci.ac.za/
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