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Unveiling Dr Mark Fuller: A Visionary Educator and Business Consultant

Dr Mark Fuller is known within The DaVinci Institute stable as a lecturer – in fact, over the years, Dr Fuller has facilitated many a class, and has supervised countless students – something he continues to do with aplomb to this day.

Many a student and alumni hail Dr Mark Fuller as being agile in his classes, allowing an engaging atmosphere which has only made their learning experience a much more meaningful educational affair.

Now, Dr Fuller does not come to this point without a background, as he shares a comprehensive overview of his career to date: “I have over 30 years of experience in business, project management, and consulting, developing critical thinking and strategies in the sales, manufacturing, and operations environments across various industries at both executive levels and on the shop floor. I have also held executive positions in businesses such as Radiant Lighting, Afrox Hospitality, and Swartland. Furthermore, I have developed over 30 programmes and facilitated over 850 workshops and seminars, both locally and internationally. Additionally, I have lectured and developed programmes for The DaVinci Institute, Tswane University, and Wits Business School.”

Beyond the lecture room, lately Dr Fuller has been curious in his explorations about how employees can empower themselves, and, this formed the basis of his thesis entitled: “Developing a Self-Empowerment Conceptual Framework to Enhance Alignment, Engagement, and Agility Using Quantum Skills.

Fittingly, and in developing his study, Dr Fuller accords: “Consulting for businesses on operations and strategy has led to many discussions on why employees at all levels often feel that they cannot contribute positively to their businesses. The inability to make these decisions seems to be due to their perception that they cannot empower themselves. Employees believe that only those with greater authority can bestow empowerment.”

Thus, Dr Fuller’s thesis, he adds, “provides employees with a structured path to cultivate a positive mindset and purpose through quantum thinking, leading to enhanced individual and organisational performance. Moreover, the framework's adoption can create a ripple effect, positively influencing colleagues throughout the organisation and ultimately improving company performance and profitability.”

The culmination of this research presented its own set of formidable challenges, yet Dr Fuller attributes his unwavering resilience, adept networking skills, and his knack for alleviating stress through light-hearted humour for its successful completion, as this journey fostered insatiable curiosity.

"The journey was long, stressful, and frustrating at times, but more importantly, it was really interesting and fun. So much was learned, and current thinking and perceptions were regularly challenged”, concedes Dr Fuller.

The recent graduation ceremony carried a poignant significance, as Dr Fuller, not only marking his own academic achievements, but also sharing this milestone with some of the students he had guided and mentored. Many of them had walked the educational path he had facilitated through lectures or even supervised. In carving out his own domain of expertise with his doctoral qualification, he selflessly brought others along on their learning journeys. This remarkable gesture, in the name of all that is commendable, deserves its own special recognition.

When asked about what will constitute the next chapter of his journey, Dr Fuller admits to currently seeking opportunities to test the framework (thesis study) in various businesses. When offering advice to a student embarking on this journey, Dr Fuller, in his dual role as a lecturer and industry expert, emphasises the importance of perseverance and suggests incorporating enjoyment into one’s plans.

In his trademark characteristic, Dr Mark Fuller quips, “It is very helpful printing a schedule and putting it on the fridge.”


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