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Introducing #DaVinciAlumniVoices: Weekly Alumni Insights for Global Impact

Prof Edward Kieswetter, President of DaVinci Business School, and Dr Kwanele Batshele Ngwenya, CEO of NBS Bank in Malawi
Prof Edward Kieswetter (Left), President of DaVinci Business School, and Dr Kwanele Batshele Ngwenya (Right), CEO of NBS Bank in Malawi

Welcome to DaVinci Business School, where your journey of learning and leadership doesn't end with graduation. Our alumni, leaders in various fields, are making big changes worldwide, focusing on solving Africa’s unique challenges.


We’re excited to start the #DaVinciAlumniVoices campaign, a weekly feature showcasing the valuable insights and experiences of our alumni. These individuals, who have led the way in business, technology, and innovation, are now using their skills to make a difference in their fields to improve conditions across Africa.


Each week, we’ll share a quote from one of our alumni that inspires action and innovation and highlights the importance of leadership and co-creation.


Stay tuned for our first highlight, and join us in celebrating the impactful stories from the DaVinci Business School community.


We invite you to engage with us, share your thoughts, and be part of our continuous journey of growth and innovation. At DaVinci, we’re more than just a business school; we’re a community dedicated to excellence, innovation, and making a real difference in Africa.


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