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Dr Modise Philemon Tshwana's Resilience in Academia and Agriculture

Introducing Dr Modise Philemon Tshwana, a remarkable individual whose intellectual odyssey culminated in the acquisition of a doctoral qualification. Freshly graduated from The DaVinci Institute, Dr Tshwana graciously shares insights into the nuances of his doctoral pursuit, and the unwavering motivations that propelled him through this scholarly sojourn.

Dr Modise Philemon Tshwana is a self-employed farmer, presently pursuing the breeding of broiler chickens, traditional, and other hybrid chickens such as Koekkoek, Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, and Orpingtons on his own farm. In this engaging Q&A, discover the compelling narrative of Dr Tshwana's academic expedition and the forces that fuelled his unwavering commitment.

Your thesis is entitled: “The Role of Colleges of Agriculture Towards Sustainable Community Development: A Case Study of Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture.” Please provide us with a blurb on the purpose of your research and its contribution.

The purpose of my research study was to identify factors and conditions at both institutional and national levels that facilitate or inhibit colleges of agriculture, such as Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture, from making contributions to sustainable agriculture and the socio-economic development of the surrounding rural communities. The contribution of the study was the establishment of the Bakone Development Forum, whose main purpose was to facilitate all structures within the communities next to Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture to speak with a voice when requiring services from the government. Additionally, the study developed potential guidelines for the effective governance of colleges of agriculture and sporting facilities between the college and communities.

In a few words, describe your journey to completing your qualification.

My journey to completing my PhD was demanding and tiresome. I felt that I should just abruptly end my journey because of the ups and downs. I persevered because I knew that those who had completed their journey had faced similar challenges or even worse than mine; hence, I managed to finish my journey.

What would you say your three greatest attributes or characteristics are as a person that aided you on your journey?

My three greatest attributes that aided my PhD journey are persistence, maturity, and resilience – pushing through challenges and bouncing back from failures.

How did your journey impact your way of thinking and (or) life?

I now spend long hours reading, writing, analysing issues, and have created enough space for both collaborative discussions and intense individual focus.

What is next for you on your path of remarkability?

I will continue writing, publishing, and making presentations of articles at different research proceedings or forums.

If you could give advice to a student embarking on this journey, what would it be?

I would say you should firstly have a reason, love, tolerance, and a vision to pursue a PhD so that you can start, continue, and finish the PhD. It is a marathon and not a track event that one needs to win quickly. Another important issue is to be clear about one's methodology and sample size, as they guide the research process.


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