Unlocking Opportunities in Manufacturing Operations Management Systems: A Proposed Framework

Remarkable Davincians are those who embrace curiosity, set out to connect dots around them, and bring out change for the betterment of society.

Three remarkable individuals from the Da Vinci community, Alumnus Neels van der Walt, Faculty member Greg Tosen and Research Associate Prof Krisna Govender, have collaborated together to write an academic paper. In May 2020, the paper was published in the South African Journal of Industrial Engineering and explores how organisations can unlock opportunities in manufacturing operations management systems.

An extract from the paper’s abstract provides a brief synopsis of the study. ”…Although manufacturing operations management (MOM) could play an important role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by making manufacturers more competitive, MOM projects are complex and expensive, and their implementation challenging. The aim of this qualitative research was to establish the engagement requisites to ensure beneficial application of MOM technology…”

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