10 secrets


26 Apr: 10 Secrets of Effective Networking

A Da Vinci Byte by Mark Fuller, Da Vinci Faculty member. Many business opportunities are missed because we are either afraid to network or do not know how to network effectively. This tool not only exposes you and your business to a wider network of contacts but also gives you an advantage when people in your network are recruiting or contracting. Networking is about building authentic relationships. According to Josephine Fairly people first approach their personal networks before looking on Google for connections. The 1st secret to effective networking is to approach it with the view of what can you offer others rather than what can you get. People will pay more attention and take more notice of someone who can help them rather than someone looking for help. “NETWORKING is more about ‘farming’ than it is about ‘hunting’. It’s about cultivating relationships”. – Dr Ivan Misner The 2nd secret…