Student Showcase: Doctoral candidate Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla

We often make of our destinies what we can, and if we were to put into perspective Doctoral candidate Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla – Director of Market Business Development at Tshwane Fresh Produce Market, and his destiny, his has remarkability associated with it.  

When asked to describe himself, Sedutla characterises himself as someone who is passionate about community development and motivated by positive outcomes. One of Sedutla’s positive outcomes recently was the completion of the requirements towards attaining his Doctoral qualification with The Da Vinci Institute. A journey that he views as resembling that of a marathon. In his own words, “a Doctorate is a long process and it takes a lot of time and involves a lot of innovative thinking.” However, as Sedutla continues, “I have given myself enough time to concentrate on my [studying journey] and have worked quite closely with my supervisors too”.  

Sedutla encourages candidates embarking on this journey, to measure themselves because it is a long process and the possibility of burn-out increases exponentially if you do not believe in yourself and your study. Sedutla attests that his belief in himself, the community he was serving and his determination kept him undeterred throughout the research process to get to this point of completion.   

Sedutla’s research is titled, “An Investigation Into the viability of the Establishment of a Fresh Produce Market Distribution Centre (DC) in Tshwane North West Region 1.” His choice of topic was largely because the two townships in Pretoria, the Soshanguve and Mabopane nodes, “have the highest factor rating, which shows that there are investment opportunities on the outskirts of the city that should be considered for business expansion.” Therefore, the purpose of his research “is to improve the township economy [in Pretoria] and enhance the Tshwane Fresh Produce Market’s (TFPM) turnover.” 

Based on the findings in his research, Sedutla concluded that “council approval would be required to make a decision on different funding options for the implementation of the project [proposed is a fresh produce distribution centre (DC)]. The study concluded that the establishment of [a distribution centre] could attract value-added business opportunities that could boost job creation.” 

Sedutla’s tenacity, grit, capabilities and determination have afforded him the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of his academic journey, with the attainment of the apex qualification – a Doctorate. Armed with this qualification, Sedutla is now in possession of that rare capability that is inimitable; the one that can influence on a large scale, the co-creation of sustainable societies for future generations.  

However, his journey continues; for he has not yet finished harnessing his remarkability and he has big plans to innovate and co-create remarkable realities. The Da Vinci family wish Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla a remarkable path forward and look forward to staying connected with him as he forges ahead flying The Da Vinci flag high.