STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Q&A session with Sihle Mbabane

Sihle Mbabane is one of The Da Vinci Institute’s remarkable students, completing the Higher Certificate in the Management of Technology and Innovation, with elective modules in New Venture Creation (NVC). This programme has various parts such as, The Business Simulation, Mentorship, Academic Performance, and the TIPS framework. Sihle came up tops in the Business Simulation segment, landing him the status of top achiever for the 2020/2021 Business Simulation Single Player. 

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We sat down with him and had a brief chat about his background and student experience, as well as his hopes for the future. 


Tell us about yourself and your background. 

I am Sihle Mbabane from Carletonville in the Rand West District, and I am 26 years old. I completed my matric in 2014. The following year, in 2015 I started my small fast-food business selling bunny chows (Kotas). That was to last until the year 2017, whereupon I decided to formally further my studies, to better my entrepreneurial skills.  


How has your experience been as a student of The Da Vinci Institute? 

With the opportunity I got to be part of The Da Vinci Institute, I had new and exciting experiences that taught me a lot. In addition, The Institute’s distance learning offering really improved my computer literacy skills. The modules I did, gave me better insight into business management in general. I am happy to say that I have seen a shift or improvement in my problem-solving skills, and my understanding of the management of people is the sort of knowledge I’ll forever cherish – thanks to The Da Vinci Institute. 


What did you specifically learn from taking part in the New Venture Creation electives and initiatives? 

My take-out is that one needs proper structure in their business to be able to make sound operational choices, which are fit for purpose. One needs to have a substantial understanding of decision-making processes within their business, and how to practically articulate and realise such decisions. This, as clichéd as it may sound, has some truth to it.  


What is next on your path of remarkability? 

I intend to establish a meat retail business after completing my studies at The Da Vinci Institute. Furthermore, and important to me, I look forward to empowering other young dream chasers to pursue their aspirations with all their ability.  


* * *

Sihle Mbabane’s passion, tenacity, and entrepreneurial abilities exude a luminescence about him. We are proud of you Sihle and look forward to continuing co-creating realities with you, and watching you continue to harness your remarkability, to inspire others in the process.