STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Q&A session with Khabazela Mkize

Recently, DaVinci had a catch-up with one of our gifted students Khabazela Mkize, who is currently completing the Higher Certificate in Management of Technology and Innovation, with elective modules in New Venture Creation (NVC) here at The Institute. Khabazela is a 26-year-old, hailing from Pollak Park in Springs and he shares his story… 


[Khabazela Mkize – Image: Supplied_]
[Khabazela Mkize – Image: Supplied]

| Khabazela reflects on his journey | 

Tell us about yourself and a bit about your background. 

My name is Khabazela Mpumelelo Mkize. I am a 26-year-old student and a diligent worker, trying to create a better future for myself and my family. I currently reside with my father at Pollak Park in Springs. We have been living together since I was 4-years old when my mother passed away after a horrific road accident. This difficult experience landed my dad and I in very tough financial situations. Consequently, there has been a lot of opportunities that have passed me by due to financial constraints.  

Since my father has been the sole breadwinner, helping to take care of myself, my little brother and sister, this has also forced me to try make ends meet by job shadowing during school holidays, selling achar, and washing bins for the residents around my neighbourhood. Throughout my tough experiences, I have always given my level best, and have learnt to be more industrious in all my endeavours.  

I have dreams of running my own construction and landscaping business, which is already up and running even though it is still in its infancy stages. To develop business skills was my main motivation to want to apply at The Da Vinci Institute, which has so far aided me with a broad understanding of how to run a business.

How did you hear about The Da Vinci Institute? 

I was informed about this institution by a friend of mine whom, after conversing with me, felt that DaVinci would be a fantastic space of learning and may even help in the quest of making my dreams a reality. Thus, I decided to take this up and, I am very pleased that I acted on this opportunity. 

How has your experience been as a student of The Da Vinci Institute so far? 

The Da Vinci Institute has been a great blessing to me, as through this wonderful institution, there has been so many valuable lessons that I have attained to date. The journey has not only been smooth sailing but through the difficulties, there are many lucrative character traits that I have developed.  

The first trait being the ability to function under pressure even in situations that are not ideal. Being a student in South Africa during the country’s loadshedding struggles, has been tough, I have often had to study in the darkness or by candlelight as I try to push to finish assignments. The positive, though, is that such circumstances are preparing me to be a more organised individual, who completes tasks way before the given deadline, because I do not like having excuses for failing to accomplish a given task. 

What have you learnt from your electives in New Venture Creation?   

I have learnt how to manage my time better as I needed to divide my focus on both studying and growing my company. In addition to this, in my two years at DaVinci, I have learnt how it is crucial to be an innovative individual. As I faced unique challenges that were new to me as a student, I needed to learn new yet innovative ways of dealing with those challenges. 

What is next on your path of remarkability? 

I am not sure what the future holds for me. However, my desire is to excel in this entrepreneurial experience and eventually become a utile commodity in my community, in South Africa at large, and hopefully the rest of the world. My dream is to run one of the most, if not the most, successful construction and landscaping companies on Earth. Being successful in that endeavour will then equip me to also give back to my immediate communities, so that I may also give back and create more opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs, especially within my proximity.  


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