Banele Moabi is one of The Da Vinci Institute’s remarkable students, currently completing a Higher Certificate in the Management of Technology and Innovation with electives in New Venture Creation.

Banele Moabi – Image: Supplied


We sat down with Banele to engage with him, get some insights and share some of his hopes for the future. Here is what he had to say… 


Tell us about yourself and your background. 

My name is Banele Moabi, and I come from Katlehong. I am 36 years old and completed my matric in 2004 at Alafang high school. After matriculation, I studied sound engineering in the year 2005 at Sound of sounds (Braamfontein). Thereafter, I became a Dj in my neighbourhood of Katlehong. Over time, fancying a different challenge, I started searching for other job opportunities (unrelated to music). 


How did you hear about The Da Vinci Institute? 

It was in 2020 when a childhood friend of mine passed by my home with application forms in hand, looking for people who were interested in studying. Fortunately, my friend knew that at the time I was unemployed and was available for new opportunities. Thus, he approached me and suggested I complete the forms. That was when I first heard about Da Vinci. It was then that I decided to take the chance and apply to study through The Institute on this sponsored programme. To my surprise, I am progressing, and this is my final year. I count this opportunity as one of the most important blessings in my life. 


How has your experience been as a student of The Da Vinci Institute so far? 

This experience has unleashed other strengths within me and has helped bring to life ideas I could hardly imagine before. Da Vinci’s approach to education is unique and helpful and has certainly played a part in unearthing the potential within me. Overall, the experience remains, as I previously mentioned, a blessing and an eye-opener. I believe that one was put on this journey for a higher purpose, and I’m hopeful that the purpose will soon reveal itself. 

On the other hand, studying is not a smooth sailing experience, but the way learning is packaged and delivered at Da Vinci, is helpful and I thank all the involved lecturers. I also appreciate the support system from The Da Vinci Institute, especially the counselling we receive. It has helped a great deal. 


What have you learnt from your electives in New Venture Creation? 

I have learned, and still am learning, that no idea is useless. We all have potential. However, the reality is that not everyone gets a chance to spread their wings and, in the process, realise their dreams. I am talking from personal experiences. Generally, on the practical side of things, especially from my academic tasks, I have learned to be patient – to take things step-by-step, day-by-day, and at specific set-times. 

Moreover, Da Vinci has given some of us a platform to express our ideas, and they have also offered us tools and practical ways with which we can potentially realise our new venture businesses. It is through this experience that someday I hope to also help others who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and highlight to them how important education is. Indeed, I have gained some valuable educational insights. 


What is next on your path of remarkability? 

I wish to establish a showbiz (short for show-business). This will be a media platform for aspiring young entrepreneurs and students alike. A melting pot where business-related debates and discussions are held. I am also looking forward to other more amazing experiences of learning and growing in the future. 



Banele continues to show up as one of The Da Vinci Institute’s bright Higher Certificate students continually looking for ways to showcase his remarkability. May the journey continue to empower him, and his wishes come to fruition. it is an honour that Banele Moabi is an integral part of the Da Vinci galaxy, for he is glittering in its constellation of purple stars!