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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Leadership

NQF 8 | SAQA ID 111899 | 120 CREDITS

Programme details

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Leadership will deepen your knowledge in the Business Leadership field. The qualification is aimed at professionals who wish to undertake reflection and development by means of a systematic survey of contemporary thinking, as well as engage in the practices and research methods in the Business Leadership field.

The qualification aims to involve students in the constructs, theories, tools, and concepts of the Business Leadership field. This qualification requires students to relate their Business Leadership knowledge to a range of contexts in order to undertake professional and highly-skilled work. To this end, the student will be required to undertake business research to deepen their understanding and application of, Business Leadership knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Students who attain this qualification should contribute to the personal, social and economic development of the country and should advance the sustainability of business ventures. The qualification also offers access into related Master’s degrees.

Compulsory modules

  • Business Leadership: 20 credits

  • Business Research: 20 credits

  • Financial Management: 20 credits

  • Strategic Management: 20 credits

  • Technology and Innovation Management: 20 credits



Students are required to select any one of the following elective modules to the value of 20 credits

  • Adrienne Berkowitz
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Business Administration (Milpark Business School), Bachelor of Technology in Human Recourse Development (UNISA), Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies (UNISA), National Diploma (UJ)
  • Dr Jan Bosman
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (UFS), Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (US), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (UPE)
  • Dr Hein Brand
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Management of Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), Master of Business Administration (UFS), National Postgraduate Diploma in Management (UNISA), Certificate in Human Resource Management (South African Management Development Institute - SAMDI)
  • Esmé Brits
    QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources (UNISA), Higher Teaching Diploma (Bloemfontein Teaching College)
  • Dr Andy Brough
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Management of Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership (Regent Business School), Bachelor of Education (Wits)
  • Ben Burger
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Science in Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), National Higher Diploma in Total Quality Management (TUT), National Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (TUT)
  • Dr Linda Chipunza
    QUALIFICATIONS Linda holds a Philosophiae Doctor in Literature (UNISA), Master of Human Resource Management (HWU), Bachelor of Arts in English, History and Divinity (University of Rhodesia) and Certificate in Education (University of Rhodesia)
  • Loudine Claassen
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Human Resource Management (UJ), Bachelor of Arts Honours in Industrial Psychology (UJ), Bachelor of Arts in Communication (UJ)
  • Zito De Sousa
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Business Administration (Herriot-Watt University), Advanced Diploma in Taxation (UNISA)
  • Sushil Deva
    QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (The DaVinci Institute)
  • Pieter Du Toit
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Management of Technology and Innovation (The DaVinci Institute), Master of Business Leadership (UNISA), Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resource Management (UNISA), Bachelor of Commerce (RAU)
  • Juliette Fourie
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Science in Management of Technology and Innovation (The DaVinci Institute), Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Industrial Psychology (SU), Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Psychology (SU)
  • Mark Fuller
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Business Administration (Milpark Business School), Diploma in Business Management (Institute of Business Management)
  • Richard Goddard
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Science in Technology and Innovation (The DaVinci Institute), Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Management (UNISA), Bachelor of Education (WITS)
  • Dr Heather Goode
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Education (UNISA), Master of Education (UP), Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics (RU), Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (UP)
  • Schalk Grobler
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Organisational Behaviour (UP), Master of Business Leadership (UNISA), Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Management (UP), Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management (UP)
  • Portia Heynes
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Business Administration (UCT), Bachelor of Commerce in Banking (Damelin)
  • Blessing Kachere
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Business Administration (MANCOSA)
  • Dr Dzingai Katsamba
    QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Philosophy in Business Leadership (UNISA), Master of Business Administration (Regent Business School), Bachelor of Business Administration (IMM)
  • Tshepho Langa
    QUALIFICATIONS Master of Business Administration (SU), Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Policy (UWC), Bachelor of Commerce (UKZN)
  • Madi Malemu
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Madi holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Management (MSU), National Higher Diploma in Purchasing (Bulawayo Polytechnic College), Diploma in Education (University of Zimbabwe). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Supply Chain Management, Process implementation, Risk Management, Project Management and Operational Logistic Management. WORK BACKGROUND Madi works in the Education industry as a Facilitator/Assessor for CIPS qualification at Commerce Edge S.A. since 2014.
  • Nadia Landman
    QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (IMM)
  • Berenice Lue Marais
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Berenice holds a Masters of Business Administration (The American University), Bachelor of Arts in Economics (The University of the District of Columbia), Diploma in Hotel Management (DUT). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Governance Business Strategy Business Leadership Business Development Strategic Planning Leadership International Business, Africa/China Cooperation International Relations, Multilaterals, and Resource Mobilisation Africa Development Strategic Alliances & Partnerships Management Mentorship and Coaching Communications and Marketing Measurement of Key Result Areas Organizational Development Professional Development Effective training and development including role modelling, mentoring, of black and young professionals WORK BACKGROUND Berenice has extensive governance, international cooperation and strategic business development experience. She has held various key senior positions across several organizations. Previous management and leadership positions include leading International, Africa, Strategic Alliances, and Business Development portfolios. Berenice is a black South African female national. After living in Washington DC for eight years, she moved to live in Pretoria. Berenice relocated for a two year stint to the Shunyi district, Beijing China, where she continued to play a role as a Director of Companies, travelling between South Africa and China. Berenice returned to South Africa where she has continued with Board representation and contract Business leadership related assignments. Director, Member of the Board, The Institute of Directors of South Africa, July 2020 – Present Director, Member of the Board, Save The Children South Africa, October 2018 – Present Director, Board Member: National Libraries of South Africa, December 2018 – Present Contractor, Business Enablement and Support, Various, August 2014 – Present Director, Member of the Board, The Ethics Institute of South Africa, January 2011 – April 2019 Director, Member of the Board, South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), Agency of the Department of Trade and Industry, January 2011 – Dec 2018 Group Manager, Strategic Alliances and Communications at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) January 2011 – July 2014 Portfolio Head, Strategic Partnerships at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), January 2011 – December 2012 Group Manager, Contract Research & Development at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, (CSIR), January 2006 – January 2011 Head, CSIR Strategic Relationship Management and Contract R&D, October 2005 – June 2006 Head, CSIR Market and Business Development Systems & Processes, October 2004 – October 2005
  • Willard Masau
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Willard holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Management (Regent), National Higher Diploma in Purchasing and Supply (University of Zimbabwe), National Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education(University of Zimbabwe). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Supply Chain Management (Procurement, Operations Management). WORK BACKGROUND A committed Training manager with over 11 years of experience at leading South Africa and Zimbabwe academic institutions teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Possess solid experience in managing post graduate diplomas, professional qualifications, and learner-ship programs. Have excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment. Able to work in a managerial role or as part of team and having the proven ability to successfully work to tight schedules and deadlines. Enjoy working within all teaching environments and able to demonstrate a vast range of other transferable skills and organizational /administrative expertise.
  • Francois Minnaar
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Francois holds a Bachelor of Engineering (UP). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Engineering and Aviation Management. WORK BACKGROUND Business owner and Qualified Industrial Engineer. Naturally strong leader with good leadership skills and a passion for business and the application of Industrial Engineering principles within business. AIRCRAFT SALES CENTRAL Director of Aircraft Sales Central Period: 2011 – 2012 Duties: Executive Director of the company STATUS AVIATION Director of Status Aviation Period: 2011 – Current Duties: Executive Director of the company, including duties of chief Operations control, and quality management BEHEMOTH INNOVATIONS Director of Behemoth Innovations Period: 2011 – Current Duties: Executive Director of the company GEOSPACE INTERNATIONS Aviation Quality Manager Period: 2018 – Current Duties: Complete Quality control and management for all aviation-related activities.
  • Saras Moodley
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Saras holds a Bachelor of Administration (UNISA), Diploma in Personnel Management (IAC), Diploma in Management Information Systems (UP). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Administration, Management Information Systems, Personnel Management and Project Management. WORK BACKGROUND Saras is an accomplished, professional, and seasoned Business Executive. Her business experience spans Banking, Insurance and Cash Management. She has led and managed portfolios in the disciplines of Information Technology, Business Architecture, Program Directing, Organisational Design and Business Process Management. Saras possesses strong Executive Leadership, Business Architecture, Technical Architecture and Process Management skills including chairing a Board about Remuneration. She has had exposure working with people from cross-functional and country teams. She has a high passion for leading people and coaching team members so that they are able to deliver business goals and objectives whilst striving to attain their career aspirations. At present, Saras has been operating more as a strategic business partner offering strategic support to respective areas of business in ensuring that their business objectives are achieved. She has been regarded as a resilient, passionate, and top performer throughout her career. As a continuous knowledge seeker, she has ensured that she understands the world of what the 4th Industrial Revolution entails and has been accredited with Automation certification to ensure she can adapt to any organisation.
  • Siddiah Muthee
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Siddiah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Language (UJ), Bachelor of Arts Honours in Applied Linguistics (UJ) and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Milpark) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Language, writing, Business administration WORK BACKGROUND Siddiah has held various posts in the Learning and Development (L&D) and the Human Capital space, ranging from being an Instructional Designer, Learning Consultant and Project Manager before branching into Business to incorporate Business Management to L&D and Human Capital, in the business sphere, she has held positions such as a Business Development Manager, Relationship Manager, Regional General Manager and Strategic Account Manager.
  • Dr Calvin Naidoo
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Calvin holds a Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Pastel Accounting V5, BTh Degree, Masters of Business Leadership (MBL), Advanced Program in Supply Chain Management, MFMA Program certification, and a Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Supply Chain Management, Finance, Public Administration, Operations Management. WORK BACKGROUND Calvin is employed at the City of Ekurhuleni (Finance Department) and has completed his Master’s (MBL) and a Doctorate in Business Leadership in the disciplines of Supply Chain Management, Public Administration and Finance. He has over 20 years’ experience in the public sector and has also worked for various companies in the private sector. He also lectures at various institutions in finance and public administration at the master’s and undergraduate level and has published a book and written various articles.
  • Devlyn Naidoo
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Devlyn holds a National Diploma in Civil Engineering (UNISA, SDS), Diploma in Freight Science (UNISA SDS). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Customs Compliance and Civil Engineering. WORK BACKGROUND Devlyn has 10 years of experience in lecturing customs compliance management, freight forwarding, international trade and supply chain optimization. He has successfully mentored and secured employment for a large contingent of graduates and mid-management employees in the customs compliance and freight forwarding industry. Devlyn has a passion for high-level customs compliance matters and regularly provide informed insights into the resolution, implementation and management thereof. Authored NQF Level 5 material for QCTO Customs Compliance Officer. Keynote speaker at Transport Evolution, heading the 4IR workplace implementation project.
  • Dr Mthandazo Ncube
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Mthandazo holds a Philosophiae Doctor in the Management of Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), Master of Business Administration (UKZN), Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (UKZN) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Accounting, Project Management, Business Management and Entrepreneurship WORK BACKGROUND Mthandazo works in the entrepreneurship space where he provides holistic business development services to particularly the SMME sector. Mthandazo also provides business turnaround and research services to the SMME, corporate and public sectors. During the last 20 years, Mthandazo has worked for different organisations in the positions of Accountant, Finance Manager and Project Manager for Local Economic Development. He has more than 14 years’ facilitation experience having facilitated various programmes, including entrepreneurship, project management, financial accounting and other business-related programmes at reputable learning institutions such as the University of Johannesburg and the German Centre of Quality Assurance in Sudan. Mthandazo is the founder and current Managing Director of two sustainable enterprises, Insedlu Business Companion (Management Consulting cum Accounting Firm) and Amanzi de Leau (a company that manufactures bottled spring water).
  • Dr Lulama Ngwenya
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Dr Lulama holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship (University of Pretoria), Master of Business Administration (Cass Business School), Certificate Theory in Accounting (UNISA), Bachelor of Commerce (University of Cape Town). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, Strategy and Finance. WORK BACKGROUND Worked for Ernest and Young (CA)(SA), FNB, Daimler Chrysler, Eskom, Afris Capital, Kuhle Capital.
  • Theo Potgieter
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Theo holds a Master of Business Administration (UP), Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics (UP) and Diploma Economics (Indiana Agricultural Banking School, USA) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Banking, Markets and Strategy, Banking, Operations and Technology and Applied Finance for Bankers WORK BACKGROUND Theo has worked in the Venda Homeland, Department of Agriculture for 4 years as an Ag Economist, in the Economic Development Corporation, Ag Economist for 4 years, then Standard Bank for 25 years in various positions, ending as the Provincial Director Free State and Northern Cape. Theo also worked at the School of Management, Free State University for 6 years and served on the Board of the Landbank for 5 years.
  • Dawn Pretorius
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Dawn holds a Master of Commerce in Finance (NWU), Bachelor of Technology in Risk Management (Wits Technikon) and Diploma in Company and Personal Tax, Trustee Law 1 and 2, Financial and Estate Planning (Institute of Bankers). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Governance, Risk and Compliance, Banking, Operations and Technology, Banking, Markets and Strategy WORK BACKGROUND Dawn has 30 years in banking with experience in various aspects of banking including trust company of the bank, offshore banking and structures, private and commercial banking, strategy, preparation for merger Standard Bank and Liberty wealth.
  • Patricia Roper
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Patricia holds a Master of Business Leadership (UNISA) and Bachelor of Commerce Business Economics (UNISA) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Human Resource Management WORK BACKGROUND Patricia has over 20 years’ experience in Strategic Human Resources Management, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Change Management, Transformation Initiatives, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, Organisational Development, Design and Implementation of Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Benefits. Her experience includes developing and motivating people and departments for multinationals and various industry verticals like medical, FMCG, telecommunications, financial, service and motor industry as well as government departments. Patricia left the corporate sector four years ago and currently lectures at the Da Vinci Institute of Technology Management. She also lectured Economic Management Science to education students on a part-time basis at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus. Patricia also provides coaching and mentoring to individuals and corporates, as well as human resources consultancy services.
  • Dr Shaun Ruysenaar
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Shaun holds a Philosophiae Doctor in Political Science (Edinburgh University), Masters in Geography and Environmental Management (WITS), Bachelor of Science in Physics and Geography (Rand Afrikaans University) and Bachelor of Science Honours (Wits) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Business Management, Leadership, Political, Environmental and Geographical WORK BACKGROUND Shaun prides himself as a problem solver, network builder, business developer and life-long student. As part of the Da Vinci Leadership Faculty, he is an educator and leadership development facilitator. As a consultant, he has 15 years’ experience working with local and international organisations in various roles, from facilitation to general management consulting and advisory. He has established and served as an executive in a number of boutique consulting firms. Going forward, he is focusing his attention on developing and implementing learning and development programmes in large companies, helping to empower people and build organisations. Shaun is a Member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa, the Union of Concerned Scientists and his local country club.
  • Brian Scallan
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Brian holds a Masters in Business Administration (UCT), Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering (UCT) and Bachelor of Commerce in Economics (UNISA). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Economics. WORK BACKGROUND Brian is currently an independent consultant in corporate finance focusing particularly on raising finance for new ventures and articulating the merits of the strategy and business model to obtain the funding using, inter alia, extensive economic analysis, and managerial economics. He has previously lectured on a part-time basis in economics and managerial economics for the Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa and CIMA qualifications Brian’s career started as a research officer at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) but after completing an MBA he became a management consultant. He has had fifteen years’ experience at Standard Bank including a period serving on the executive team of the merchant bank and being head of structured trade and commodity finance based in Johannesburg. This was followed by a career in project finance and included a period as the gold trader for Banro Corporation a Canadian mining company operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo while Vice President Commercial. He has served as financial director of Delrand Resources, a listed Canadian mining company that operated in the DRC and has served on the board of a Rio Tinto subsidiary. He has extensive practical and international business experience in over 25 countries, providing real-life examples in classes.
  • Dr Mamohau Sekgaphane
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Mamohau holds a Philosophiae Doctor in the Management of Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), Master of Science in the Management of Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), Bachelor of Commerce Marketing (NWU), Diploma (WITS) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Innovation and Transformation Leadership WORK BACKGROUND Mamohau has worked in both the public and private sector in a range of consulting projects and capacities. Her most recent experience includes 6 years within the First Rand Group, where she worked as Head: Change Management in the Strategic Change Business Unit for the Wealth Segment of FNB where her work-based challenge leading to her current PhD emerged and subsequently as Head: Organisational Change and development of WesBank. Her latest role is at Henley Business School faculty on the PGDip programme where she designed the innovation module which she also facilitates. Part of her role includes marking of assessments as well as sitting as a panellist on various panels for graduation. She continues her work as an independent consultant, coach and public speaking.
  • Mokgethi Selebogo
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Mokgethi holds a Master of Business Leadership (UNISA), Bachelor of Commerce (NWU) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Business Management WORK BACKGROUND Mokgethi has over 20 years of working experience in the corporate world. He served as the CEO and Board member of Prowalco (Pty) Ltd, Sales Director for FedEx, and Independent Business Development Consultant for New Africa Petroleum (NAP). Mr Selebogo also served as the Accounts & Card Processing Manager for Oberthur Card Systems. He started his working career with Unilever South Africa as an Assistant Accounts Manager and a Sales Representative in 1993.
  • Dr Claudia Sigamoney
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Claudia holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Management of Technology and Innovation (The Da Vinci Institute), a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Team Impact University), a Master of Business Administration (Regent Business School), Bachelor of Technology in Financial Management (UNISA). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Business Management, Business Communications and Leadership and Change Management. WORK BACKGROUND Dr Claudia Sigamoney works as an academic at Mancosa, Regent, Lyceum as an adjunct faculty member in the faculty of Commerce. She teaches undergraduates and postgraduate courses as well as supervises honours and MBA reports. Claudia manages a debt collections firm and oversees the day-to-day running of the entity. Her executive engagement in this organisation reflects her passion for people management, and the various strategic management and leadership functions. Claudia has experience in executive hospital management, strategic business coaching, process management, organisational behaviour and project management. She consults on HR related matters and training and development.
  • Prof Paul Singh
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Doctor of Philosophy in Human Movement Science (UP), Master of Arts in Human Movement Science (UKZN), Bachelor of Arts Honours in Physical Education (UKZN), Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education (UKZN) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Strategic Management and Sports Management WORK BACKGROUND Prof Paul Singh started his career in education as Senior Lecturer at University of Pretoria, after which he headed the department of sport and movement studies at University of Johannesburg. Prof Singh has been specialising in sport and recreation as a management consultant since 2006. His notable experience saw him as Chief Director of Sport Support Services of Sport and Recreation South Africa where he oversaw and lead the following Directorates: International Relations; Sport Service Providers; Scientific Support; Research and Evaluation; Sport Infrastructure; and Major Events. He also had oversight of two state entities, viz. Boxing South Africa, and the South African Institute for Drug-free Sport.
  • Lionell Smith
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Lionell holds the following degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Strategy and Marketing ) – Wits Business School, Bachelor of Science (BSc) – University of Witwatersrand, Management Advancement Programme (MAP) – Wits Business School and a leadership qualification from International Institute for Management Development (IMD) Switzerland – (Orchestrating Winning Performance, Strategy Management and Organisational Development). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Lionell is a part-time lecturer in the following disciplines: Work-based challenge, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management at the Da Vinci Institute. WORK BACKGROUND Lionell has over 30 years’ experience of management and leadership at the executive level across numerous industries such as FMCG, Telecoms, Transport, Advertising, and Education Management. Since 2013, Lionell has been working as an independent consultant/advisor, specialising in strategy, business improvement and change management initiatives to position companies for profitability, market dominance and competitiveness. He has also been actively involved in implementing learning and enterprise development programmes in township environments, upskilling and empowering unemployed youth in Mamelodi and Soweto to run sustainable and successful businesses. Mentoring Entrepreneurs on strategy implementation and business performance improvement, finance management, business operations management, marketing intelligence, product portfolio management, and go-to-market strategies. He is also a keen strategy scholar.
  • Dr Dolf Steyn
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Dolf holds a Philosophiae Doctor in Information Science (UP), Masters of Education in Computer Aided Education (UP), Bachelor of Education Degree (PU), Further Diploma in Education (S.A. College for Education and Further Training) and Higher Diploma in Education (Goustad College of Education) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Technology Management, HRD Strategy design and application and Organisational Change. WORK BACKGROUND His last full-time position held was that of Managing Director for Pearson Institute of Higher Education and Campus Director at the Midrand campus. He held management and Lecturing positions at the University of Pretoria, Tshwane University of Technology and Witwatersrand Technikon. He is a part-time lecturer in project management at the Enterprises University of Pretoria. His career includes work in Education, public, private and corporate sectors. He is experienced in working in teams, delegations and committees as well as in the running of projects as an individual. He has published nationally and internationally. He served on examination boards, investigation/advisory commissions and industry work teams across 3 continents and amongst multiple cultures where he worked with people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and contexts. In the training context, the spectrum ranges from service level staff (ABET) through to post-graduate work, deep rural African students to first world top-ranked University staff and in the consultation environment from illiterate miners through to international executives. He receives equal appreciation from within all of these contexts.
  • Anusha Teeruth
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Anusha holds a Postgraduate Diploma (UKZN), Bachelor of Commerce (UKZN). FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Financial Management. WORK BACKGROUND Anusha is an accomplished chartered accountant with over 20 years of experience in directing global finance, business development, enterprise risk management, compliance, and governance roles. Her philosophy is “to work smarter, not harder”, which has enabled her to develop and manage credible high performing teams. She follows a transformational leadership style in combination with servant leadership principles. By leveraging her deep industry knowledge and tuning into her entrepreneurial spirit, Anusha started her own consulting practice with the aim of supporting businesses in developing their financial strategies and the execution thereof, assisting with financial analysis and advice, identifying current and future stakeholder needs and assisting with business process analysis and optimisation. She is also able to utilise her experience and insight in enterprise risk management (ERM) to support these services in conjunction with her compliance and governance exposure, thereby providing a more holistic approach. Anusha is well versed in the supplier and enterprise development aspects of the BBBEE code with over 8 years’ experience and is able to guide organisations with this element of the BBBEE code. She is enthusiastic about growing and developing people and has spent time in her previous role as Financial Director, coaching and developing employees in the finance teams. She has been appointed by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), as a mentor for their 2020 Mentoring Programme which helps support new and upcoming CA’s in their journey. Part of her service offering is to help organisations in developing their finance teams by providing coaching on an individual and team basis. Anusha has also supported the training and development of finance staff with regard to technical accounting matters and she can provide training to organisations to better skill their finance teams to deliver against regulatory and statutory requirements within their relevant business’s framework. Anusha’s last role in a corporate was at the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd (JSE listed entity), in the role of Group Risk and Compliance Director. The role involved being responsible for the Group’s global enterprise risk management function and regulatory compliance which entailed facilitating the strategic development of the portfolio. Prior to that role, Anusha was the Financial Director at the Fertilizer division of the Omnia Group for 7 years. She was responsible for the effective strategic and operational management of the Fertilizer division’s financial function which also incorporated compliance and risk management.
  • Greg Tosen
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Greg holds a Master of Science in Atmospheric Science (Wits), Bachelor of Science in Operations Research (UNISA) and National Diploma in Meteorology (TUT) FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Managing Systems Way, Management of Technology and Business Management WORK BACKGROUND Gregory is currently Faculty Head – Management of Technology & Management of Systems (Systems Thinking) at the Da Vinci Institute of Management Leadership. He supervisors a number of MSc students in the area of technology leadership, innovation and systems thinking. He acts as an external examiner and has lectured on Research & Technology Management and related fields at Pretoria and Johannesburg Universities, the Max Planck Institute (Germany) as well as at number multi-nationals organisations. He has refereed for numerous National and International Environmental Journals and published and presented over 40 papers both nationally and internationally, edited and authored 4 books on technology and environmental related issues. His expertise in Technology Management goes back 32 years where he was General Manager Eskom R&D and led Eskom to numerous Top Technology 100 Awards in the area of Research Management and associated innovative products and patents. Greg sits on a number of national and international Research Boards to name a few: Chairman and President of the Global Board of the International Energy Research Exchange run under the auspices of the Japanese energy R&D Institute Board Member of the Engineering Board of the University of Pretoria Board Member of the Graduate School of the Management of Technology at the University of Pretoria Board of the Power Institute of East and Southern Africa Advisory Board member of Inter-Governmental Co-coordinating Committee for Climate Change (IPCC) in the preparation of a 3, 4 & 5th IPCC Assessments
  • Anamari Wessels
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Anamari Wessels holds a National Diploma in Sport Management and Marketing & B Tech Post School Education from Pretoria Technicon and Skills Development Facilitator from Corporate College SA, as well as a Life and Business Coach from the University of Johannesburg. FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Her field of specialisation and passion is Transformation through Employer Compliance. Bringing it together through Skills Development, Employment Equity and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. WORK BACKGROUND Anamari Wessels has a solid 16 years track record of providing tailor-made solutions to her clients and has found crossroads and connections through a large policy framework, redressing South Africa’s political past, building capacity to provide access for all South Africans through education, training, employment, and a better life. She is involved across sectors and identifies employer and professional bodies, subject matter experts as well as service providers to collaborate with when implementing transformation projects. Assisting with solutions through Employer Workplace Accreditation, Recruitment of unemployed candidates and the related Employee and BBBBE Compliance. She has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Department of Labour, Employer Associations, Department of Transport and the SETA’s.
  • Jeanine Wills
    QUALIFICATIONS / ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Jeanine holds a Diploma in Human Resources (2005) from Damelin, Diploma in OD-ETD Practitioner (2016) from The Institute of People Development, and a Higher Certificate (MOTI) Sales and Management (2018) from Da Vinci Institute. FIELD OF SPECIALISATION Jeanine lectures Sales Management at The Da Vinci Institute from Metro Minds. WORK BACKGROUND Jeanine started her working career in the world of Freight Forwarding and Logistics. After 16 years of industry experience, exposure to all modes of transport, Imports and Exports, she decided to follow her passion for developing people and sharing her knowledge about the industry and took the leap in training and development.

Kindly contact The Institute for the availability of electives. The Institute reserves the right not to offer a particular elective should minimum registration numbers not be reached. For further information about this qualification and/or elective options contact the Admissions office at

Minimum admission requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 7;

  • or an Advanced Diploma at NQF Level 7.


If you do not meet the Admission Criteria and would like to discuss your study options. Please email Admissions at

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Alternative access routes should the candidate not meet the admission

  • RPL for access


RPL is at the Senate’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please refer to the Policy on the link below or email
Admissions at

D20 – RPL, CAT and Articulation Policy


Programme overview

Choose from five intakes per year:


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Study Mode:

Online Distance Education with online learning engagements


Min:  1 year

Max:  2 years 


Fully supported


The DaVinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd, Registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration No. 2004/HE07/003. This qualification is accredited by the Council on Higher Education and Registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Application Fee:

R 350.00

Admission & Registration Fees 2023:


When you exit the qualification you should be equipped to:

  • Demonstrate integrated knowledge of the key concepts, principles, and practices of the core business management disciplines.

  • Demonstrate integrated knowledge of the key concepts, principles and practices of business leadership.

  • Apply relevant standard models, procedures, tools and techniques to business management and business leadership problems to establish effective and efficient solutions.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of research principles to effectively research appropriate business management and business leadership questions and problems.


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