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Remembering the Legacy of Dr Giovanni Mariano: The DaVinci Convocation Chair

We are saddened to share the news of the recent passing of one of DaVinci’s doctoral alumni, Dr Giovanni (Gianni) Mariano, who served as the chair of our business school’s convocation.

Dr Gianni was conferred his apex qualification – Doctor of Management in Technology and Innovation – in the year 2016; and his thesis entitled: “Developing a framework linking motivating factors in restaurants to sustainable personal development and career growth.”

He had an illustrious career, of which a major highlight was as co-founder and CEO of the Mastrantonio group of companies. Though, his primary passion was in fostering and empowering individual growth and sustainable career advancement, with a specific focus on the disadvantaged. He has spearheaded numerous projects dedicated to nurturing social unity, primarily concentrating on Italy and South Africa.

It was his humanitarian style by which he co-created with others which leaves behind the legacy of a remarkable man. For his tireless efforts extended well beyond the boardroom and into the realms of social change. Those who knew Dr Gianni say that he was renowned as a guiding beacon and a source of unwavering inspiration. His boundless passion was contagious, and he served as a mentor and inspiration to numerous leaders, not only within our community but also far beyond its borders.

We, as the DaVinci community, extend our profound condolences to the Mariano family. Let us take solace in knowing that Dr Giovanni (Gianni) Mariano can now find his peaceful repose, having etched an enduring imprint not only within our community but upon the broader canvas of the world. His trailblazing resolve, unrelenting quest for wisdom, and steadfast dedication to enhancing the human condition have served as a wellspring of inspiration for us all.

His memory will forever reside within our hearts, while his legacy perseveres through the profound impact of his work and the lives he has enriched.


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