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Why The DaVinci Institute Should Be Your First Choice for Business Learning

The DaVinci Institute is a distinguished business school committed to cultivating the next generation of business leaders, critical thinkers, and transformative innovators.

Here are the reasons why you should consider taking the leap with The DaVinci Institute:

Broad Range of Qualifications

Our business school offers a comprehensive range of qualifications, from NQF Level 5 (Higher Certificate) to Level 10 (Doctoral Degrees, including a Doctor of Business Leadership and a Doctor of Management).

Advance Your Career with our Postgraduate Qualifications

Whether you're looking to switch careers or specialise, our postgraduate qualifications pave the way. Our other qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Leadership, a Master of Management in Technology and Innovation and a Master of Business Leadership.

Unparalleled Convenience and Flexibility

We recognise that you have diverse schedules. With this in mind, we have five annual intakes (January, March, June, August, and October) and a robust online platform with recorded sessions to cater to busy professionals.

Our convenient part-time distance learning approach is perfect for those juggling personal and professional commitments.

Prestigious Alumni and Student Network

Our alumni are a testament to our excellence and remarkability. They've etched their mark as critical thinkers, thought leaders, and business moguls. Join a vibrant community of alumni and students, including executives, senior managers, and directors. The networking possibilities are remarkable!

We also proudly host one of the largest populations of doctoral students, showcasing our commitment to advanced research and intellectual pursuit.

Real-World Relevance

Our curriculum is rich in real-world case studies, promoting the bigger picture and systems thinking. This approach ensures our students gain practical knowledge that's immediately applicable. In addition, our unique Managerial Leadership Framework ensures a holistic understanding of business. addition

Personal Touch and Self-Mastery

At DaVinci, we pride ourselves on personalised customer service and career guidance. Here, you're more than just a student number – you’re an individual with ambitions and dreams.

Before commencing your qualification with us, you will be assessed through an innovative tool to help you understand your learning style, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

Pragmatic Curriculum and a Focus on Real-world Problem-Solving

We pose application-based questions that resonate with the business world. Designed for working professionals, our courses enable them to integrate and apply their learnings seamlessly.

Our qualifications are designed to equip students to tackle real-world challenges head-on, fostering a solutions-driven mindset.

Revolutionary Approach to Business Education

At DaVinci, you will not be spoon-fed knowledge through textbooks or memos. Instead, we challenge conventional thinking, fostering co-creation and solving current, relevant problems.

We believe in empowering our students to think beyond the ordinary and make remarkable contributions to the business landscape. Join us and embark on a transformative journey that bridges the gap between knowledge and application.

What our students and alumni say about their experience with us

"When I was 19 years old and looking at possible universities, my dad recommended DaVinci... Doing the BCom degree through DaVinci was life-changing! The teaching methodology at DaVinci, better known as the mode 2 learning approach, encourages individuals to leverage the strongest aspects of their thinking, to capitalise on them.” - Karl Tischlhauser (DaVinci Alumnus - BCom Class of 2020 and current Master's student).

"When I think of the intersection of unwavering dedication, cutting-edge knowledge, and exemplary professionalism, my experience at DaVinci Business School immediately comes to mind, especially as I reflect on my journey with them. As an electrical engineer, project manager, and currently the engineering and projects manager for the Western Cape region at Transnet Port Terminals, I found the academic rigor at DaVinci instrumental in shaping my professional trajectory. My doctoral thesis aimed at bridging a significant gap in infrastructure project delivery, and I am proud to have developed a success model that holds potential to transform the economic landscape by ensuring infrastructure projects are more successful. This model doesn't just remain on paper but is poised to reduce risks and costs, enhance stakeholder outcomes, and improve overall infrastructure development quality." - Dr Tonny Mhondiwa, Doctoral Alumnus

At The DaVinci Institute, we believe that an empowered student thinks beyond the ordinary; they thrive in their remarkability. Ready to make a mark in the business landscape?

Take the Next Step: Contact us, attend an online open day, or apply directly. We're here to support your transformative journey.


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