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The DaVinci Institute's 2022 Research Report Showcases Resilience and Progress

As a business school with a remarkable doctoral student and graduate population, DaVinci Institute is delighted to announce the release of our Research Report for 2022. This document serves as a testament to our commitment to remarkable research contributions within the areas of technology management, innovation, people, and systemic thinking. We have successfully implemented our Strategic Research Plan 2021-2025, even amidst the worldwide disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Sharing Knowledge and Achievements

In this report, we are excited to share our collective knowledge and achievements, presenting an extensive overview of the research published during the past year. Our dedicated team of researchers has shown remarkable drive, applying new knowledge across diverse industries and government sectors to stimulate national economic growth, enhance socio-economic development, and shape policy-making and governance.

DaVinci Institute Research Report 2022

Aligning Research with Global Goals

With our sights set on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union's Agenda 2063, much of our research aligns with the National Development Plan 2030, advocating for an Africa-centric approach to sustainable development. Our work is targeted toward achieving lasting positive change, thereby creating a better Africa.

Supporting a Culture of Research

A key component of our institutional practice is fostering a supportive environment for research productivity. This past year, we hosted an assortment of webinars, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance scholarly activities amongst our students, staff, and researchers. Partnering with the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA), we hosted an online series chaired by esteemed faculty members, Professor HB Klopper, Professor Ben Anderson, and Dr. du Plooy-Cilliers.

Nurturing Future Researchers

In our commitment to nurturing budding researchers, we're thrilled to congratulate Dr. Heather Goode and Dr. Catherina Opperman, who obtained their Doctoral degrees, along with other staff members who have made significant strides in their studies.

Creating a Unique Research Ecosystem

At the DaVinci Institute, we uphold the belief that research is pivotal for societal well-being, driving innovation, and fostering understanding on a global scale. We have established a unique research ecosystem, setting us apart within the national, continental, and global research community.

Global Engagement and Investment

We're proud to have excelled in our engagement with the global research community and other universities. Our academic staff serves on various editorial boards and professional bodies, bringing their expertise to broader audiences. We've also made significant investments in administrative and IT infrastructure to better support our research-active students.

Navigating the Future with Systems Thinking

Our Head of Programme for Postgraduate Research, Professor Paul Singh, also emphasises the importance of adaptability in the rapidly changing world. Underpinning our initiatives is the principle of 'systems thinking', enabling multiple stakeholders to share best practices and reshape enterprises and environments for societal benefit.

Embracing the 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR)

As we journey towards the 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR), the DaVinci Institute is committed to fostering a symbiotic relationship between AI and humans, ensuring both dimensions integrate into our lives to create a beneficial influence on society for years to come.

The DaVinci Institute's Commitment

In conclusion, the DaVinci Institute remains committed to its goals of agility, alignment, and engagement, founded on the TIPS Managerial Leadership Framework to support innovation and continuous improvement. Despite the challenges of the past year, we've made significant progress, and we're excited to continue this journey with all members of our community.

Download PDF • 11.69MB


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