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DaVinci Policies

You can access the DaVinci policy documents here


A4 – Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

A12 – Records Management Policy

C3 – Information Security Management Policy

D2 – Application, Admission, and Registration Policy

D18 – Invigilated Examinations Policy

D20 – Recognition of Prior Learning, Credit Accumulation and Transfer and Articulation Policy

D21 – Certification Policy

D28 – General Administration Policy

E1: Code of Conduct Policy

E2 – Plagiarism Policy

E4 – Student Representatives Council Policy

E5 – Assessment Appeals Policy

PAIA Manual

D9 – The Da Vinci Institute Research Framework Policy

D10 – Appointment of Research Supervisors Policy

D11 – Nomination and Appointment of Examiners Policy

D12 – Student-Supervisor Relationships Policy

D13 – Examinations of Dissertations and Theses Policy

D14 – Library Resources Centre Policy

D15 – Conducting Ethical Research Policy

D27 – Academic Publishing Policy

Ethical Clearance Application Form

Thesis Assessment Form: Doctorate

Guidelines for Examiners of a Doctoral Thesis

Guidelines for Supervisors and Co-Supervisors of Doctoral Students

Guidelines for Supervisors and Co-Supervisors of Master’s Students

B9 – Health and Wellness Policy

B11 – HIV and AIDS Policy

B14 – Disability Policy

B17 – Human Resources Policy

B26 – Covid-19 Required Vaccination Policy

A1 – Quality Management Policy

A2 – Policy Development and Review Policy

A13 – Language Policy
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