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Inaugural Lecture by Prof HB Klopper: Adapting Higher Education for Lifelong Learning

On 18 August 2021, Prof HB Klopper, CEO & Executive Dean: Research and Institutional Partnerships at The Da Vinci Institute, presented an online Inaugural Lecture titled, “Adapting Higher Education for Lifelong Learning.”

“…In my address, I approach lifelong learning as a broad concept, founded on the theoretical principles of andragogy and later heutagogy. Considering the scholarly discourse on the topic, it is almost impossible to give justice to the volume of available literature and research that has unfolded since the early 2000s. Hence, I tried to categorise the main thoughts and ideas of heutagogy, as we continue our learning journey into the future. To illuminate the most important aspects related to a lifelong learning ecosystem, we must begin with what we are hearing from the new consumers of education, whereafter we must move into the predicaments and barriers holding their problems in place, before concluding with solutions and revealing the seeds of innovation that can help more people to launch into better opportunities…”

To read the full academic paper, follow the link below: