The intent of the The Da Vinci Institute’s TIPS™ Managerial Leadership Framework is to provide a systemic awareness of the multiple sub-systems at play within the workplace;  evoking an awareness of existing mental models and the ability to re-think and dissect assumptions about work performance. In applying this complex systemic lens, individuals are afforded an opportunity to make sense (sense making) of their own reality in relation to the conceptual frame. In doing so, the emergence of additional and/or similar managerial leadership competencies and practices affords individuals the opportunity to co-create alternative interpretations, perspectives, and/or conceptual frameworks to cooperatively navigate change and add new knowledge to the domain.

The TIPS™ Managerial Leadership Framework aims to contribute towards the overarching field of Business Leadership. The framework was developed out of a longitudinal study conducted utilising self-administered questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. This involved a large number of organisations including emerging, small, medium and large enterprises over two decades.


Influence the co-creation of sustainable societies


Growing agile, aligned and engaged leaders


Co-creating realities


To strengthen the growth of agile, aligned and engaged leaders, who co-create innovative ecosystems and sustainable transformational societies


  • Being curious
  • Seeking truth
  • Leveraging interconnectedness
  • Awakening the senses
  • Taking responsibility for crafting just and dynamic societies
  • Embracing holism and living harmoniously
  • Appreciating the shadow
  • Mastering balance with integrity