Higher Certificate in the Management of Technology & Innovation (NQF5) with electives in Principles of Leadership


The elective principles in leadership simplify and grounds the multifaceted concept of leadership in the range of principles that guides leaders’ thinking, behaviours and approaches to the task of leading.

A principled approach to leadership prioritises the ‘why’ over the ‘what’ and ‘how’. When leadership competencies, skills, actions and behaviours are rooted in principles that are informed by our beliefs and values, they become more influential, effective and consistent.

The qualification prepares students for leadership in the work context. Leadership in work organisations is not limited to formal leadership positions. Irrespective of a person’s formal position, in today’s world an all-around ability to make contributions and lead initiatives is expected and needed for success.

The more a person applies self-leadership principles, the stronger her foundation is for leading teams, organisations and change. The Principles in Leadership elective modules teach all the core competencies needed for a 21st-century work organisation. It facilitates the development of the students for leadership and success in the workplace.

We expect our leaders to be effective in leading teams. It requires the will to do it well, know-how and skill. Interactions with individual team members are part of the dynamic of team leadership. Making strong connections, building trusting relationships and effective communication are all elements of team leadership.

Leading organisations requires leadership skills and mindsets to confidently set direction, engage employees, make decisions, and tackle workplace challenges.

Effectively leading change in the context of the work organisation requires various principles of foresight, awareness and creativity. We are exposed to never-ending and increasingly rapid change in the world.

Higher Certificate in the Management of Technology and Innovation  

With electives in the Principles of Leadership 




Leading Teams


Leading Organisations


Leading Change


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