Welcome to the Da Vinci Institute: School of Business Leadership

Dimostrazione: 28 October 2021

The Dimostrazione is a round table opportunity for our business leaders to give expression to their voices as a topic is presented and debated.

It offers business leaders, who are also Da Vinci alumni, the platform to present, argue and debate the innovations they put into practice, and what they have learnt from their implementation.

Dimostrazione is about learning from experience. This is about cultivating one’s own independent, original thought and thus it offers the panelists the opportunity to share their experiences so that others may learn from them.

Our panelists who sat around the virtual table and debated the theme were: Dr Premie Naicker; Bram Meyerson and Tharshan Moodley.

Dr Premie Naicker

Dr Premie Naicker has over twenty-five years’ experience in the IT industry and has experience across a range of various senior executive roles for multinational technology, software and cloud services companies.
Premie holds an MBA with a distinction for her thesis on The impact of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) on Strategy Implementation and Profitability and has a PhD on Integral African Feminine Leadership and Organisational Development. She is a recipient of the Da Vinci Senate Doctoral Academic Excellence Award.
Premie is the founder of Green Skills Consulting which is a Social Enterprise-in-Community focusing on women and youth empowerment. She is also Executive Director of Computer Aid International (SA) and NGO focusing on providing computers, technology and life skills to disadvantaged learners and teachers in rural communities and schools. She runs the South African Chapter of She Loves Data which is a global NGO providing free training and skills development to women in business across the globe. She is currently Managing Director of Fuse Forward (SA) which is an Amazon Web Services Partner.
Premie is passionate about people development through the use of technology and skills development focuses on driving diversity, inclusion and equity as a sustainable, transformative process. Her practical experience combined with the theoretical backing of an MBA and a PhD has helped her to explore and develop new integral models for Leadership and organisational development for the 21st Century.


Bram Meyerson

Bram Meyerson is the founder and principal consultant at Quantimetrics (est 1992). In this role he engages with Systems and Finance executives to address their challenges and needs. Bram describes his business as continuously evolving and fiercely independent. In 2016 he completed his MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation at da Vinci, which contributed to his business evolution. Bram has worked with some of the world’s leading telcos, financial services companies and government agencies. He adopts a pragmatic approach to optimization by analysing, benchmarking (where appropriate) and identifying performance gaps and achievable targets. Bram introduced the concept of functional software sizing or quantity surveying for software to South Africa.

Quantimetrics owns a vast database of information pertaining to software project size, costs and effort. This is used by his clients to guide sensible decision making.

Bram has performed due diligence reviews using proprietary methods and data numerous clients in South Africa and abroad. These include evaluating and benchmarking the cost of acquisition of software. This analysis is often used as one of the determinants of value.

Bram originally studied Applied Maths and Computer Science at Wits.


Tharshan Moodley

Tharshan Moodley looks after Virtual Distribution at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. He currently serves a tech start-up or entity called Metropolitan Get Up which predominantly focuses on the South African Youth Market. Metropolitan Get Up is responsible for the development and ROI of progressive financial sector technology, specifically referring to advice or behaviour tech. This includes forming new paradigms and new markets in the way insurance is offered with the anecdotal belief that technology enables humanity, and with this, the dignity of the human race. Over the last 8 years Tharshan has looked after Strategy and Business Performance, and Enterprise Business Architecture functions in the group and because of this appreciates modern-era ideologies associated with STE(A)M but also the systemic nature in business, in particular the Banking and Insurance Sector.

As a former management consultant, Tharshan prides himself in forming and holding relationships. Working in countries across the world and in several sectors is where he believes he received his greatest corporate and cultural education. However, when ‘the dust of the arena settles’, Tharshan’s curiosity for architecture or perhaps creation is where he spends much of his time. For this, he holds a degree in Interior Architecture receiving the Top Student Award in his final year of study. He also holds a Master of Science in Innovation and Technology from the Da Vinci Institute where he received the Top Achiever Award and an Honorary Senate Award for his research, including two journal publications. Tharshan is also a Duke

CE and Rhodes University Business School Alumni after completing a Senior Leadership Programme in partnership with Momentum Metropolitan Holdings where he yet again received a Top Achiever Award.

However, whilst accolades are subtle reminders of leadership accountability and social development, Tharshan is ultimately focused on the outcome and the result, and in the modern era, every day wins become important as part of him grooming an agile mindset.