Davincian Profile: Riaan van Niekerk

Arthur C Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” At Da Vinci, we are certainly trying to make magic with our technological advancements and our students’ online learning experience through multiple online platforms. The custodian of technology at the Da Vinci Institute is our IT Manager, Riaan van Niekerk, who we profile today.

Riaan holds the position of IT Manager at The Institute – a role that entails planning, and leading technology-related projects at The Institute. Riaan adds that he has, “to ensure that all IT-related deliverables comply with strict IT governance protocols and cybersecurity industry standards.”

Riaan is the epitome of cool, calm, and collected under pressure. His work ethic and mettle working under pressure is a commendable and necessary attribute in his field, and Riaan always does so with a smile. His positive outlook on life has contributed to his work remarkably. Perceiving life in positive terms, as Riaan states, has helped him “adapt to IT’s constant pressures and demands”, that are part and parcel of his job. Riaan considers himself, “an innovative problem solver who continuously strives to bridge the gap between business and technology, to enhance the end-user experience and ultimately meet business objectives”.

Riaan’s IT career can be traced back to his stint at Bidvest Prestige (a subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited) as a junior in IT. He then worked his way up and became a Divisional Manager: IT, a position that paved the way for him to subsequently become, a Project Manager where he oversaw the upkeep and configuration while ensuring reliable operations of all IT business applications and systems, as well as the smooth functioning of all IT related projects.

Riaan’s work experience at Bidvest helped him to develop as an individual and acquire a deep and robust understanding of IT’s technical and functional aspects that enabled him to design, develop, and implement IT systems’ roadmaps and capabilities that aligned to critical business processes and end-user requirements. This experience was pivotal for his career and allowed him to start his new chapter at Da Vinci leveraging all of his previous experience.

With the wealth of experience that Riaan possesses, and which he has generously brought to the Home of Remarkability, we consider ourselves fortunate.

Riaan credits his parents, who are his role models as his inspiration, he explains that they, “laid  a strong foundation that gave me the confidence and guidance to grow, explore, and be free.” In fact, it is that free spirit and explorer in Riaan that led him to take on sports such as Rugby and Martial arts and even study Theology on the side.

Please join us in wishing Riaan a remarkable path forward. May he continuously harness his remarkability!