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  • Poverty alleviation

  • Societal wellbeing/Integral Healing

  • Integral enterprise development

  • Future of Technology as part of integral development in Communiversity guise.

Call for Papers

Please continue to register for the DaVinci Societal Regenerative Research Conference below

For further information: Dr Claudia Sigamoney;  phone: +27 11 5794452

This is a call for papers for the upcoming INAUGURAL SOCIETAL REGENERATIVE RESEARCH CONFERENCE with the theme “Societal Regeneration and Societal Wellbeing”. The purpose is to promote Integral Healing, out of Africa in a worlds-wide context. As mother earth and its inhabitants are hurting from socio-economic mal-functioning, this Societal Regenerative Conference, and its outcome thereafter, is the meeting of hearts and minds to showcase and co-create social innovations aimed at bringing integral healing to enterprises, communities and the worlds at large, with a particular focus on the global South.  
It will be in hybrid format, with the physical conference hosted at Eduvos Campus in Johannesburg, South Africa from 21-22 October 2024. The deadline is 31 July 2024. The Scientific Committee responsible for review and selection of papers welcomes papers for the conference. Proposed Substantive Sub themes in a worlds-wide Context, underpinned by a Process of re-GENE-ration aligned with a Form of Communiversity as a further evolution of our “Mode 2” orientation are:

A book of abstracts will be available for all conference delegates. Post-conference, a book will be published with all papers presented.

The abstract should not exceed 500 words and should be submitted by 31 of July 2024 via an email attachment in MS Word format to or by uploading the document below

All submitters of abstracts approved by the scientific committee will be notified via email by 16 August. Full papers should be submitted via email by 30 August, and PowerPoint presentations by 20 September 2024.


On behalf of the scientific committee.


Thank you.

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