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Da Vinci Unlock Lockdown Webinars 2020

The Da Vinci Institute in conjunction with the tt100 business innovation awards programme, hosted six, one hour, webinars. The weekly webinars explored how to overcome the challenges we all face in the next 18 months, by unlocking your ability to become more agile, aligned, engaged leaders and enhancing business performance.

The webinars explored topics and frames that will catalyse you and your business to emerge from this pandemic re-ignited and re-imagined.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/Eds7wCoMWn4 

We had the opportunity to be joined by the talented Lita Currie from 3Stickmen.com, who drew visual maps of each webinar.

18 May 2020

25 May 2020

1 June 2020

8 June 2020

15 June 2020

22 June 2020