Da Vinci Byte from our Vice-Chairperson of Da Vinci Council: Continuous learning during Covid-19!

The global Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown period has challenged schools, universities, and learning and development professionals around the world to shift rapidly from in-person to online learning. One of the challenges that could come with this lockdown period is going into the habit of passive learning versus active learning that being in a community, often in person, provides us with and that we can often take for granted.

We urge our colleagues and students to continue to use peer interaction to foster community during this lockdown period. Learning should not be passive and does not end with in-person or even online classes. There is great benefit to plan and design some human interaction, albeit online for now during this lockdown period to exchange ideas and debate. To keep learning and to be mentally stimulated. Also, keep in mind that peer-to-peer learning helps us to review concepts while enhancing our communication, critical thinking skills and teamwork. It provides an opportunity for us to discover how we learn best.

Advocating peer interaction could strengthen your learning community. For instance, one option is to organise a live session where lecturers, academic staff or even colleagues encourage debate and answer questions. Prepare some guiding questions, launch a challenge to be solved or a project and convene your fellow students to tackle it. Consider assigning duos or small groups before the live session. Keep learning! Lockdown will end eventually but the learning should not.

Ntokozo Mahlangu – Alumnus and Vice-Chairperson of DV Council.