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20 May 2021 Philimon

20 May: Student Showcase: Philimon Chitagu

Preceding any high-level academic achievement is usually hard work in tandem with dedication, both of which are emblematic to harnessing one’s remarkability. It therefore comes as something of great delight and expectation that one of our Doctoral candidates, Philimon Chitagu, is already on the remarkable side of the ledger – having recently been proceeded to graduation, by meeting all the Da Vinci Institute required conditions for completion of his Doctoral degree. Mr Chitagu has proven himself as a contemplative man – thoughtful and focused in his work, studies and community contributions.  He is a highly innovative and inquisitive thinker in all spheres of his life and all contributions made to society at large.  He took on this Doctoral journey with gusto and found it to be  a truly meaningful, immensely profound and stimulating path to completion. Mr Chitagu has this to share: “I wholly acknowledge that I did not walk…

20 May 2021

20 May: Student Showcase: Khumela William Malapa

It is with great pride and joy that we celebrate alongside our Da Vinci Doctoral candidate – Khumela William Malapa, who has recently met The Institute’s prerequisites towards graduation. To paraphrase Sigmund Freud: One day, in retrospect, the years of your toil on your Doctoral journey will strike you as the most remarkable! Originally from the rural area of Vuwani (Venda) in the Limpopo province, Mr Malapa relocated to the Gauteng province for work. It was in the telecommunications industry that Mr Malapa found his vocation, where he has been working for over 20 years. He has certainly experienced the myriad of telecommunications conundrums and shifts where he now co-creates as a project manager. It is through these transformations in the telecommunications sector, as well as an insatiable thirst and quest for knowledge that ultimately led Mr Malapa to enrol with The Da Vinci Institute for his Doctoral degree –…

Mark Fuller out the box blog

13 May: Free Your Mind – Burn the Box – by Mr Mark Fuller

A common phrase used in today’s VUCA world is “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”. Often it is used when managers or leaders require others to be more creative and innovative. HOWEVER, do we really know what is being asked of others or ourselves? When we talk about “thinking inside the box”, we usually mean that our thinking is logical, circular, and rigid. Shelton and Darling (2001) suggest that this type of thinking is language-based, linking words and phrases together. It is challenging to make illogical connections and random links because the words and phrases must link together logically to make sense. For this reason, it is very difficult, perhaps impossible, to hold two contradictory or opposing ideas in our brain at the same time using “in the box” thinking. The result is not being able to identify or consider potential solutions and opportunities. This structured, “in the box” deductive reasoning comprises…


13 May: Education for the 5th Industrial Revolution – by Dr Heather Goode

After the volatility of the last 12 months, many leaders are speculating what we can expect in the next few years for health, work, business, and innovation and whether they should be studying further or not. When considering the technology and social shifts in the past year, there’s no doubt that in 2020 the pandemic and its effects have accelerated and built momentum to some aspects of change that have emerged (Swab, 2016) and are emerging. The impacts of integrating devices into our daily lives (e.g. cell phones, migrating online, new technology, digital access, and literacy) are penetrating more deeply than before. One of the large areas of ongoing debate is how these effects affect us as human beings, how we keep up with the changes and how we interface with technology. Impacts of the Industrial Revolutions Recently Pratik Gauri[1] (2019), reviewed some of the thinking emerging around the 4th  and…


22 Apr: Student Showcase: Doctoral candidate Daud Taranike

The Da Vinci Institute recently engaged with Daud Taranike who has just defended his Doctoral degree with The Institute.  Those who have embarked on this journey of a Doctoral qualification, often regard it in metaphorical terms as sailing through an undiscovered territory sometimes through rough seas and sometimes through calm shallows but always an exploration. Daud Taranike sailed through the storm and chartered his way through the examination process and oral defense by presenting his unique contribution to the field.    Being a Davincian, according to Taranike, means being associated as, “a member of a remarkable community [The Da Vinci institute] that is committed to achieving the highest possible academic standards, and the ability to resolve current and pressing challenges within my community and society at large. As such, this [affiliation] has made it possible for me to positively impact people in different spheres of life thereby helping them to enjoy the fullness…

13 April 2021

13 Apr: Student Showcase: Doctoral candidate Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla

We often make of our destinies what we can, and if we were to put into perspective Doctoral candidate Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla – Director of Market Business Development at Tshwane Fresh Produce Market, and his destiny, his has remarkability associated with it.   When asked to describe himself, Sedutla characterises himself as someone who is passionate about community development and motivated by positive outcomes. One of Sedutla’s positive outcomes recently was the completion of the requirements towards attaining his Doctoral qualification with The Da Vinci Institute. A journey that he views as resembling that of a marathon. In his own words, “a Doctorate is a long process and it takes a lot of time and involves a lot of innovative thinking.” However, as Sedutla continues, “I have given myself enough time to concentrate on my [studying journey] and have worked quite closely with my supervisors too”.   Sedutla encourages candidates embarking on this journey, to measure themselves because it is a long process and…


31 Mar: Management of Innovation a source of sustainable competitive advantage

By Dr Dzingai Katsamba A plethora of innovation myths have been created to block innovative ideas, restricting organisational management and its employees from being creative and thinking outside of the box. Myths such as not all persons having the ability to identify a good idea, or that not all ideas are good are adopted by organisations and this is the main reason why organisations fail to innovate. The major challenge however is the clear distinction between innovation and management of innovation. Some organisations have benefitted due to this way of thinking, innovative organisations introduce products and services that might have previously been identified but never introduced into the market, organisations that take the calculated chance are the ones that succeed –  without risk there is no reward. Innovation is often associated with the introduction of new products or services within a business, but it can also be about changing the…

Alpheus final

29 Mar: Davincian Profile: Alpheus Smith

Today we profile Alpheus Smith, our IT Support Technician at The Da Vinci Institute… Alpheus is an exuberant, gentle, and generous soul who is always willing to lend a helping hand to staff and students alike. He is focused, driven and goal oriented. Alpheus considers himself a student of life who lives in a continuous state of learning in order to harness his remarkability. When asked about his IT career beginnings, Alpheus informs us that his career began at Bidvest Panelpina Logistics, a subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited, where his IT prowess was moulded. Prior to joining the Home of Remarkability, Alpheus had already shifted to another Bidvest subsidiary, Bidvest Prestige, where he flourished. It was at Bidvest Prestige that Alpheus came to the realisation and understanding of the true value of IT professionals. Alpheus was seeking new and dynamic opportunities and he therefore, joined the Da Vinci family,…

Riaan final

29 Mar: Davincian Profile: Riaan van Niekerk

Arthur C Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” At Da Vinci, we are certainly trying to make magic with our technological advancements and our students’ online learning experience through multiple online platforms. The custodian of technology at the Da Vinci Institute is our IT Manager, Riaan van Niekerk, who we profile today. Riaan holds the position of IT Manager at The Institute – a role that entails planning, and leading technology-related projects at The Institute. Riaan adds that he has, “to ensure that all IT-related deliverables comply with strict IT governance protocols and cybersecurity industry standards.” Riaan is the epitome of cool, calm, and collected under pressure. His work ethic and mettle working under pressure is a commendable and necessary attribute in his field, and Riaan always does so with a smile. His positive outlook on life has contributed to his work remarkably. Perceiving life…