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Curiosita Colloquium’s in 2021

Curiosita is one of the Da Vinci principles referring to “an insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.” (Gelb, 1998)


The Curiosita forum is a monthly colloquium for contemporary thinking on the Management of Technology, Innovation and People in a Systemic context, hosted by The Da Vinci Institute. The forum takes the form of a robust and vibrant round-table discussion that consists of two parts. Firstly, a Doctoral student who is also a business leader in his/her own right presents their research to those in attendance, with the aim of receiving input through debate on their research. Then a guest speaker for industry who is also a societal influencer engages the audience on a particular topic, which connects to the TIPS™ Managerial Leadership Framework.

The various speakers’ insights and thought-provoking ideas provide our audiences with an engaging experience.

Topics discussed are transdisciplinary in nature, they are matters connected to TIPS™, are diverse in nature, on socially relevant issues and professional application. The discussions are guided by the speakers’ topics.

The purpose is to stimulate debate, provoke thinking, connect people, get people to probe and reflect on issues that influence society.

Our graphic artist, Lita Currie from 3-Stickmen, designed an effective visual map of each session’s content.  Our delegates had the opportunity to see the graphic being created in front of their eyes – a reminder of what was discussed.

View each graphic below for each Curiosita Colloquium held in 2021:

23 February 2021

30 March 2021


28 April 2021

25 May 2021


27 July 2021


24 August 2021


28 September 2021