Dr Premie Naicker is one of The Da Vinci Institute’s Doctoral alumni, the Managing Director of FuseForward, and she serves as one of the members of The Da Vinci Institute’s council offering her expert advice towards driving the strategy of The Institute.

Dr Premier Nacker. Image: Supplied
Dr Premier Nacker. Image: Supplied


Please provide us with a brief overview of your career to date. 

My career spans over 25 years in IT and People Development. I have managed a few multinational software and IT companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. My current position is Managing Director at FuseForward (which is an AWS partner). In addition, I am also the Executive Director of an NGO called Computer Aid International. 


What prompted your decision to become one of The Institute’s council members? 

I am an alumnus of The Da Vinci Institute, and it is an honour that I now am one of the council members. Being a council member gives me an opportunity to share both my practical and theoretical knowledge with my alma mater, as well as an opportunity to learn and work with the faculty of the university and my fellow council members. 


In your view as a council member, what contribution do you hope to make? 

My passion and area of expertise are in technology and people development. My contribution is in the form of sharing my knowledge and experience, and giving objective input where required, as well as sharing my contacts and networks that will add value to The Institute. 


Like most remarkable managerial leaders, you also underwent a path of self-discovery unique to yourself. What would you say your three greatest attributes or characteristics are as a person that may have aided you on this journey? 

Resilience, a can-do attitude, a passion for education, as well as a compassionate and collaborative mindset. 


To young business leaders and students alike, what would your personal advice to them be? 

Don’t be afraid to fail. I know that this sounds like a cliché, but with trying and failing comes learning and knowledge which is far greater than the fear of failure. Try to take a transdisciplinary approach in your business and in your self-development journey. Find the balance between your people and profit. Embrace technology and seek a guiding hand on your journey. Have an abundance mentality. The law of Karma says the more you give the more you get. 


It is certainly fitting to see why Dr Premie Naicker is a selected member of The Da Vinci Institute’s council, and her inspiring contributions and the passion she bestows on this forum are highly appreciated.