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The Institute’s guiding principles are a co-selection of some of the broad principles often associated with the visionary leadership of Nelson Mandela and the innovative approaches to knowledge creation and dissemination of Leonardo DaVinci, contextualised to represent the lived principles of The Institute. In addition, part of The Institute’s dream is to further both the objectives expressed in the South African National Development Plan 2030 (NDP) and to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals within the context of the 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR) and African Union’s Agenda 2063. Thus, it is the aim of The Institute to contribute to a human-centred approach to further the creation of just, humane, inclusive, and sustainable transformational societies. The guiding principles towards remarkability are:


  • Being authentic, grounded, and true to oneself
  • Being socially accountable, relevant, and dynamic
  • Actively promoting diversity and heterogeneity
  • Advocating and managing quality in meaningful ways
  • Acknowledging the world as a set of interconnected systems
  • Awakening the senses
  • Embracing holism and living harmoniously
  • Appreciating the shadow
  • Mastering balance with integrity
  • Having a distinctive voice.


Community Engagement

In alignment with The DaVinci Institute’s dream of Influencing the co-creation of humane sustainable societies, the integrated community engagement strategy at The Institute considers the quadruple helix model of innovation, which is focused on the interaction and co-creation between government, academia, industry, and community that would then foster economic and social development.

The Institute’s community engagement initiatives, aim to focus on engagements with institutions and projects that traverse the pillars of the quadruple helix and afford a level of integration between these pillars within the engagement initiatives. Moreover, The DaVinci Managerial Leadership Framework (termed TIPS™) has a focus on cooperative engagement and thus the implementation and use of TIPS™ is central to The Institute working constructively and cooperatively with communities. In alignment with best practice in the sector, community engagement at The Institute is not only in alignment with the Quadruple Helix model but is also integrated with teaching and learning and research at The Institute. Thus, contributing not only to the communities it serves but also to disciplinary knowledge within the field of Business and Leadership, as well as the leveraging and co-sharing of expertise within The Institute.

The core areas of community engagement explained below can be broken into five themes:

  1. Partnering with tt100 business innovation awards programme
  2.  Community engagement initiatives with selected rural schools
  3. Funded Learning Opportunities
  4. Masterclasses and business clinics
  5. The integration of Return on Investment (ROI) and the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of student research