26 Jan: Student Representative Council – Nominees Required

Dear Students Student Representative Council – Nominees Required  It is time to nominate your preferred candidate to stand for the period 01 March 2022 to 28 Feb 2023. The successful candidates will serve on the Da Vinci governance structures. The criteria for eligibility, according to policy are as follows:   – Be registered for a Da Vinci undergraduate or postgraduate qualification during the year of nomination – Be available to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the governing bodies and any other required meetings – Be in good standing in terms of study fees and academic performance at the time of nomination and during the term of office – Has not been found guilty by a duly authorised body of The Institute for violation of the student Code of Conduct or any other rules and regulations of The Institute. Kindly make your nomination below on or before Monday, 31 January 2022.  Nominee…………………………………………………………………………………………….. Email to Voting will…

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28 Nov: Da Vinci Virtual Curiosita Colloquium | 28 June 2022

We invite you to join us at our Da Vinci Online Curiosita Colloquium | 28 June 2022 ONLINE DATE: 28 June 2022 TIME: 15:30 – 17:00 COST: No charge   PROGRAMME 15h30 – 16h20 Guest speaker presentation 16h25 – 16h50 Doctoral student presentation 16h50 – 17h00 Final Closing   GUEST SPEAKER: Ms Connie Bloem “The future of a financial instruments in a decentralised and global marketplace.” Connie is currently Co-Founder and Executive Head of Mesh.  Mesh is intended to be a decentralised, global marketplace and financial market infrastructure for all financial instruments. Through Mesh Connie gets the opportunity to provide access to all companies and people to the world’s financial assets in one marketplace. Connie has a passion for transforming capital markets and the financial industry through the use of technology driven solutions. She uses her educational background together with leading methodologies such as lean startup, design thinking and agile product…


02 Nov: Alumni Showcase: Mr Notius Tarisai

It is with great excitement and pride that today we showcase the remarkability of Mr Notius Tarisai, a Master’s alumnus of The Da Vinci Institute. His is a tale we would like to share as he is one of our paragons at the home of remarkability – a place he speaks fondly of. Notius attributes his learning journey at The Da Vinci Institute as being an intellectual metamorphosis for him. He states that, “prior to my enrolment at The Da Vinci Institute, I understood the role of technological innovation in various industries and sectors; through The Da Vinci Institute, however, I was educated on social innovation. I then applied the theory I had learnt to bridge the gap between rural farming systems and commercial farming methods and reconnected the learning outcomes with my rural upbringing and influences in my dissertation.” Having work experience that spans over three decades, says Mr….


18 Oct: Prof. Soborno Isaac Bari

Bari, is a professor who specialises in maths and science, he was born in 2012. He is an Asian-American author and the world’s youngest professor. According to the institute, he was only 7 years old when he received his first salary from Mumbai University’s Ruia College, as a guest professor. “In April 2016, Dr. Lisa Coico, president of City College of New York, gave Bari the nickname Einstein of our time for his achievement on a series of tests in maths and science. In 2016, at 4, Bari received a letter of recognition from then-US president Barack Obama for his accomplishments in maths and science; and in 2018, at 6, he received a letter from Harvard University president Drew Faust,” the institute said. In 2019, Bari received an invitation from Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, vice-chancellor of SP Pune University, Nitin Karmalkar, and principal of Ruia Autonomous College, Dr Anurhsee Lokur,…


18 Oct: Dr Bonisile John Kani

Bonisile John Kani was born on 30 August 1943 in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. He matriculated from Newell High School where he performed in numerous school plays with Winston Ntshona. Very soon after finishing high school he began working with various drama groups in the New Brighton area performing in schools and community halls. In 1965 while working at the Ford Motor Company in Port Elizabeth Kani became a member of the Serpent Players drama group. It was here that he met Athol Fugard. This was the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship. Much of the work they did at the time was experimental and improvisational but it did result in a number of published and unpublished works. One of the plays that emerged in 1972 was Sizwe Bansi is Dead, a collaboration between Kani, Fugard and Winston Ntshona. This was followed by The Island in 1973. Sizwe Banzi…

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23 Sep: Alumni Showcase: Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara

ALUMNI: Meet The Da Vinci Institute’s Alumnus, External Examiner and Visiting Lecturer, Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara The home of remarkability recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of its own, Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate from the class of 2018. This is a recognition of how one of The Institute’s alumni continues to harness her remarkability, utilising the tools of her engaging mind. Originally from Zimbabwe, Dr Mutambara grew up to educationist parents and had a burning desire and insatiable curiosity to always get a deep and more meaningful understanding of the world and its diverse societies. She ultimately got a chance to do so through education, and through the subsequent opportunities she got of touring the world. In consequence, her touring around, and exploring of, the globe has arguably enhanced her world view about the international scene of education. A voyage by…


15 Sep: Some thoughts on South Africa’s unemployment

A faculty member at The Da Vinci Institute, Mixo Sweetness Sithole reflects… Unemployment continues to be a crisis in South Africa, and we should be wary about its negative effects on people and society in general. Socio-economic impacts society at the micro, meso, exo and macro levels.  Melinda Du Toit, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Social Development in Africa (University of Johannesburg) indicates that, “[u]nemployment has both individual and social consequences that require public policy interventions. For the individual, unemployment can cause psychological distress, which can lead to a decline in life satisfaction. It can also lead to mood disorders and substance abuse. Unemployment can affect one’s social status ascription as well, which manifests through stigmatisation, labelling, unfair judgement, and marginalisation.” Furthermore, unemployment can result in increased crime rates, as well as socio-political unrests – as witnessed recently in South Africa. According to a recent publication by…

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26 Aug: Remarkable Alumnus Shares Insights – Dr Shannon Nell

In women’s month we continue to showcase some of our remarkable female alumni and today we profile one of our recent Doctoral graduates – Dr Shannon Nell This work is dedicated to nursing leaders – whoever and wherever you may be. I honour you. By Dr Shannon Nell Dr Nell comes from the health fraternity and has been a nurse for four decades. She has co-created in a multitude of clinical areas, including maternity, paediatrics, adult intensive care, and paediatric oncology, as well as in nursing education. Currently, Dr Nell serves as the Director of Nursing and Nursing Education at Netcare, a position she has held for the last seven years. We salute our remarkable Davincian, for all that she has done and continues to do on the frontline in our country, giving daily of herself to the betterment of others. Besides her extensive experience, Dr Nell also holds several…

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26 Aug: Inaugural Lecture by Prof HB Klopper: Adapting Higher Education for Lifelong Learning

On 18 August 2021, Prof HB Klopper, CEO & Executive Dean: Research and Institutional Partnerships at The Da Vinci Institute, presented an online Inaugural Lecture titled, “Adapting Higher Education for Lifelong Learning.” “…In my address, I approach lifelong learning as a broad concept, founded on the theoretical principles of andragogy and later heutagogy. Considering the scholarly discourse on the topic, it is almost impossible to give justice to the volume of available literature and research that has unfolded since the early 2000s. Hence, I tried to categorise the main thoughts and ideas of heutagogy, as we continue our learning journey into the future. To illuminate the most important aspects related to a lifelong learning ecosystem, we must begin with what we are hearing from the new consumers of education, whereafter we must move into the predicaments and barriers holding their problems in place, before concluding with solutions and revealing the…

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26 Aug: Our Remarkable Dr Estie Serfontein: Women’s month Doctoral alumnus showcase

A shining star in the Da Vinci Galaxy is our Doctoral Alumnus Dr Estie Serfontein, an agile, aligned and engaged managerial leader in the aviation industry. Dr Estie Serfontein is a dynamic and remarkable female leader of the aviation industry, and a Doctoral alumnus who flexes her academic muscles with her research output.  Dr Serfontein is also a self-motivated leader with passion and resilience in abundance and extensive experience in the aviation industry. She is the quality assurance manager for Execujet Aviation. Her skills have led her to successfully manage teams and processes as a strategic driver of programmes that allow for continuous quality improvement and efficiency through audits and special projects. Through her experience, Dr Serfontein has amassed a breadth of knowledge in analysing data and orchestrating project implementations, as well as ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations. Ever a consistent high achiever, Dr Serfontein not only successfully…