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The primary purpose of the Da Vinci Institute alumni association is to foster the continued co-creation between The Institute’s remarkable alumni. We hope this online platform strengthens the network between the alumni themselves, as well as a continued relationship between Da Vinci and our remarkable alumnus.

Each of you our remarkable alumnus are a pivotal part of continuing the legacy of Da Vinci and ensuring that the community at large knows who Da Vinci is and how each of you influences the co-creation of sustainable societies and contribute towards the communities that you operate within.

We hope you will share your life updates and accomplishments with us and we hope that you will re-engage with Da Vinci to share your expertise and provide thought leadership.




Dr Premie Naicker is one of The Da Vinci Institute’s Doctoral alumni, the Managing Director of FuseForward, and she serves as one of the members of The Da Vinci Institute’s council – offering her expert advice towards driving the strategy of The Institute.   Please provide us with a brief overview of your career to date.  My career spans over 25 years in IT and People Development. I have managed a few multinational software and IT companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. My current position is Managing Director at FuseForward (which is an AWS partner). In addition, I am also the Executive Director of an NGO called Computer Aid International.    What prompted your decision to become one of The Institute’s council members?  I am an alumnus of The Da Vinci Institute, and it is an honour that I now am one of the council members. Being a council member gives me…

ALUMNI ALERT: Meet Marlenie Moodley, one of The Institute’s Master’s Graduates

Marlenie Moodley’s academic journey ensured her remarkable mould – it sharpened Marlenie’s critical thinking and sounded her unique voice. Today she tells her story…   Marlenie is a focused, curious, and disciplined individual, who works hard at her goals. It is these attributes that contributed to her attainment of her Master’s degree. Marlenie singles out her “flexibility and self-motivation” to have helped her through this journey.   When asked to describe how her academic undertaking was, Marlenie says the past two years for her have been a challenge and adds that all the “stress and pressure is overwhelming – balancing being a new mom, wife, having a full-time job and being a part-time student. Every now and then, there were times when quitting seemed easier than continuing.” Marlenie did not quit, however, and her resilience is paying off. Her robust nature is largely linked to her working experiences, which span two…


Claudette Saygran: The Woman and Her Work    Our chat with Claudette Saygran – The Da Vinci Institute Master’s degree alumnus     A trending topic both locally and abroad, within and outside corporate structures, relates to gender equality and the empowerment of women. Gender parity is fundamental to growing economies and creating business competitiveness. There is a strong sense, however, that the pace to accelerate gender equality is slow-moving. This area of interest has been a key research domain for Da Vinci Master’s alumnus Claudette Saygran, who used her razor-sharp intellect and experience in the banking sector to explore the low representation of women in senior management positions in the banking sector.   The title of her research is: Barriers to the career progression of women into senior leadership positions within a selected South African Bank. This study, as its title suggests and along with Claudette’s elucidation, explores the challenges that…

ALUMNI TALK: A catch up with Dr Mfanelo Patrick Ntsobi

Dr Mfanelo Patrick Ntsobi is a man whose voracious consumption of facts, in his chosen field of work, and research, is a remarkable quality to possess. This, as a consequence, casts not only a learned figure about him but is indicative of someone with a zeal in finding sustainable educational solutions.   Dr Ntsobi comes from a military background, a graduate from the Military Academy. He is also a former Major from the Military Health Services where he headed the Research and Development Unit. In addition, Dr Ntsobi was the Deputy General Secretary of the South African Security Forces Union (SASFU) whilst still serving in the military. Fancying a different challenge at some point in his career, Dr Ntsobi was recalled to the trade union movement, serving the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) as their national spokesperson and head of administration. His agility and ability to pivot is…

STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Q&A session with Sihle Mbabane

Sihle Mbabane is one of The Da Vinci Institute’s remarkable students, completing the Higher Certificate in the Management of Technology and Innovation, with elective modules in New Venture Creation (NVC). This programme has various parts such as, The Business Simulation, Mentorship, Academic Performance, and the TIPS framework. Sihle came up tops in the Business Simulation segment, landing him the status of top achiever for the 2020/2021 Business Simulation Single Player.  (Image supplied)  We sat down with him and had a brief chat about his background and student experience, as well as his hopes for the future.    Tell us about yourself and your background.  I am Sihle Mbabane from Carletonville in the Rand West District, and I am 26 years old. I completed my matric in 2014. The following year, in 2015 I started my small fast-food business selling bunny chows (Kotas). That was to last until the year 2017,…

Alumni Showcase: Dr Barbara Holtmann

ALUMNI ALERT: Our conversation with Dr Barbara Holtmann, The Da Vinci Institute’s Doctoral graduate from the class of 2010 “Loving work is essential to loving life. I do both!” – Dr Barbara Holtmann   (Image supplied)   One of our own esteemed alumni, Dr Barbara Holtmann is the current director of 48 Outcomes (Pty) Ltd, trading as Fixed. It has been a decade or so since graduating as a Doctoral Degree holder from her alma mater, The Da Vinci Institute in 2010. This is our recent catch-up with her… It takes minimal time to realise Dr Holtmann’s zest to discuss the research work she did and has achieved, as it remarkably blazes throughout the conversation with pride on her part. In fact, she accords that there, “were moments [during the Doctoral journey] when I thought I couldn’t do it – but for the last 6 months when I was writing…

Alumni Showcase: Dr Felleng Yende

Alumni Talk: Meet Dr. Felleng Yende, who is at the helm of the Fibre Processing & Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority (FP&MSETA), and our remarkable alumnus   (Image supplied) Dr. Yende is on the rise – her patience, perseverance, resilience and humility give her the momentum to move forward.  In addition, she also attributes her remarkable strides largely to the helpful liveliness of those she is closely associated with. That is, family and her supervisors, as well as The Da Vinci Institute’s team, for always being there throughout her research journey when needed. Dr. Yende’s academic curiosity and journey undertook a critical reflective work-based challenge, as articulated in her thesis, after having realised that the nexus of leadership and the 4th Industrial Revolution have been under-researched within the context of organisational adaptability – thus her thesis titled: “Enhancing public sector leadership in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution…

Alumni Showcase: Henriette van Twisk

ALUMNUS ALERT: Henriette van Twisk, The Da Vinci Institute’s Master’s Degree Alumnus (2021) (Image supplied)   Henriette, through dedication and commitment has uniquely placed herself as an expert aspiring to make a long-lasting contribution to the field of education, a crucial area towards sustainability. Now armed with a master’s degree from The Da Vinci Institute, and even prior to her having obtained the mentioned qualification, Henriette has been confronting some of the burning issues in recent times – conundrums within the education sector and specifically at the college level. Her dissertation, a diagnostic study, is titled: Summative Evaluation of a Foundational Learning Programme for Technical and Vocational Colleges in South Africa. Henriette states that its chief aim “is to answer the question: Can a foundational learning programme create a learning foundation that will facilitate better pass rates when students enrol at TVET colleges?” A corollary to this question is, “to…

Alumni Showcase: Marcus Desando

Marcus Tebogo Desando: The Man and His Work We are joined today by The Da Vinci Institute’s Masters alumnus and Doctoral candidate, Marcus Tebogo Desando – the outgoing CEO of Arts & Culture Trust. Now, newly appointed as the Director of Prince Claus Fund (Amsterdam). He is a constant fixture of South Africa’s cultural and operatic scene.   (Image supplied)   In briefly tracing back the origins of Marcus’ artistic journey, he began as a chorister, thus an operatic singing career inevitably ensued, usually a path not abnormal among choral singers, especially here in South Africa. As the years passed, Marcus started to consider charting a career path in operatic stage directing, following advice from his mentor Prof. Angelo Gobbato, to which he moved apace and, over-time, an artistic occupation he became renowned for in the country. He was first an assistant to local and visiting international directors, where he…

Alumni Showcase: Ansie Prinsloo

We celebrate with our alumnus, Dr Ansie Prinsloo by sharing her journey to remarkability (Image supplied) Dr Ansie Prinsloo is a Da Vinci Doctoral Degree holder who embraces the notion of seeking her truth and treads the path of remarkability, by continually thinking outside the box and garnering her own relevant truths, in her quest to make abundant improvements within the healthcare sector. On speaking of her Doctoral thesis, Dr Prinsloo explains that her thesis, titled, Enhancing healthcare delivery through a framework that integrates inclusivity and quality improvement science, “describes not only my academic work as it plays out in practice but also my passion. The research journey started as an academic inquiry about efficiency and effectiveness in my workplace. At the onset, I thought of myself as the author and creator of the content and learning. During the journey, my perfunctory understanding transcended and grew into an increasing awareness…