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Purpose of the Da Vinci Institute Alumni Association

We are Davincians

The primary purpose of the Da Vinci Institute alumni association is to foster the continued co-creation between The Institute’s remarkable alumni. We hope this online platform strengthens the network between the alumni themselves, as well as a continued relationship between Da Vinci and our remarkable alumnus.

Each of you our remarkable alumnus are a pivotal part of continuing the legacy of Da Vinci and ensuring that the community at large knows who Da Vinci is and how each of you influences the co-creation of sustainable societies and contribute towards the communities that you operate within.

We hope you will share your life updates and accomplishments with us and we hope that you will re-engage with Da Vinci to share your expertise and provide thought leadership.



Our recent catch-up and inspiration from The Institute’s alumnus and Vice-Chairperson of the Da Vinci Institute Council – Ntokozo Mahlangu

In 2017 Ntokozo Mahlangu graduated with a Master’s degree from The Da Vinci Institute. Little did he know at the time that two years down the line, after he had graduated, he would be appointed as The Institute’s Vice-Chair of The Da Vinci Institute Council. Sometimes meaningful engagements with brilliant souls tend to take their own direction and move swiftly at their self-regulated momentum – remarkably abiding, as it were, to their own accord. This, in fact, was how The Institute’s relationship with Mr Mahlangu began and over the years soared, and continues to do so, to this day. In his own words, “I [still] treasure my connection with The Da Vinci Institute”. The Home of Remarkability is a safe space, where all diverse minds merge in unity as one – as fellow Davincians. Mr Mahlangu’s energy and charismatic character have always led to wonderful and robust co-creations at The…

Alumni Showcase: Nhlanhla Magubane

One of our alumni, a master’s degree graduate, is Nhlanhla Magubane who graduated in 2020 with The Da Vinci Institute. His dissertation is titled: “Emerging and disruptive phenomena in the South African energy system in the context of economic and environmental sustainability.”  When enquired about the aim of his study, Mr Magubane states that, “this study is to analyse the emerging and disruptive phenomena in the energy system in South Africa. Furthermore, it provides a critical analysis on the diversification of the energy mix associated with the use of renewable energy and natural gas to generate clean and secure electricity in a decentralised manner, thus effectively managing the inevitable climate change impacts and stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations.”  Mr Magubane feels both humbled and honoured by this journey, attributing his faith and ancestors for his ability to have completed the master’s degree journey with the home of remarkability. In an African praise and oratory, he says: “Ngiphakamise udumo, ngidlulise nokubonga kuso sonke isizwe samaNkomose. Nina ba kaMdumo wamankankane nezikhova. Nina bakaMashikiyane, umhlane obeleth’ithole, loyo uKhokho wethu ozalwa uPotolozi, uPotolozi ezalwe uBhiyane, uBhiyane ezalwe uNyosi. Ngiyabonga Ndlandla, Msenganduna Namathokazi.”  His education experience at The Da Vinci Institute is something he praises as an insightful, meaningful and remarkable journey, where…

Alumni Showcase: Jacob Lempetje Masoeu

Jacob Lempetje Masoeu is one of our master’s degree graduates and can be described as someone who embraces his ability to see the holism in any given situation, rather than only seeing parts or snapshots of the whole. He also believes that this is quite critical, especially if one wants to understand the patterns of influence and change, and how those could be embraced to avoid their spiralling downwards into undesired consequences.   Mr Masoeu gained this outlook when he began the research journey with The Da Vinci Institute, as a master’s degree student. He states that the journey that he undertook challenged his personal views, “and the management of my personal bias towards others completely. The fact that my truth is subjective and is born out of my personal experiences and realities of things as they evolve around me opened a whole new way of thinking and reasoning to me. I now approach and respond to the views and actions of others with greater care, respect and consideration”, Mr Masoeu accords.   His chosen research topic is…

Alumni Showcase: Niradna Bechoo

A profile of our alumnus, Niradna Bechoo, who is also one of the Programme Coordinators at The Da Vinci Institute.  One of Niradna’s primary roles is managing student relationships, a role she does with aplomb, as expressed by one of the BCom students who says that when speaking to Niradna, “it’s like playing upon an exquisite violin, and she responds to every touch and thrill of the bow effectively.” That is quite a metaphor for someone whose services are impeccable, accompanied by a sense of understanding of the needs of the students.  Niradna has been working in the education sector for the last decade in various roles at various providers – an experience she treasures, for it has prepared her for the current role she holds at Da Vinci.  Niradna is a curious being, and her passion for education has led her to become a master’s degree alumnus of The Da Vinci Institute. Her research project is titled: “Students’ perception of service quality at a private higher education institution in South Africa.” Niradna is…

In memory of Mthokozisi Ntumba

(The following is a showcase from last year which was shared upon the late Mthokozisi’s completion of his master’s degree.)  The great Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value”, and our student Mthokozisi Ntumba is that man of value.  Mr Ntumba recently completed his Master’s degree with The Da Vinci Institute – a journey, according to him, that has transformed his thinking and helped him to, “realise that my perceptions and preconceived ideas do not always reflect reality.”  Mr Ntumba continues; “My journey triggered a keen appreciation of holism, integration and cooperation amongst people. It aroused a renewed appreciation of [ubuntu], which relates to deliberate cooperation amongst people. The support and energy I received from my supervisor, family, colleagues and the Da Vinci staff is unparalleled. I would not have reached the end of this journey without this kind of support,” and he is grateful for all of them.  When asked about the purpose…