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Purpose of the Da Vinci Institute Alumni Association

We are Davincians

The primary purpose of the Da Vinci Institute alumni association is to foster the continued co-creation between The Institute’s remarkable alumni. We hope this online platform strengthens the network between the alumni themselves, as well as a continued relationship between Da Vinci and our remarkable alumnus.

Each of you our remarkable alumnus are a pivotal part of continuing the legacy of Da Vinci and ensuring that the community at large knows who Da Vinci is and how each of you influences the co-creation of sustainable societies and contribute towards the communities that you operate within.

We hope you will share your life updates and accomplishments with us and we hope that you will re-engage with Da Vinci to share your expertise and provide thought leadership.



Alumni Showcase: Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara

ALUMNI: Meet The Da Vinci Institute’s Alumnus, External Examiner and Visiting Lecturer, Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara The home of remarkability recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of its own, Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate from the class of 2018. This is a recognition of how one of The Institute’s alumni continues to harness her remarkability, utilising the tools of her engaging mind. Originally from Zimbabwe, Dr Mutambara grew up to educationist parents and had a burning desire and insatiable curiosity to always get a deep and more meaningful understanding of the world and its diverse societies. She ultimately got a chance to do so through education, and through the subsequent opportunities she got of touring the world. In consequence, her touring around, and exploring of, the globe has arguably enhanced her world view about the international scene of education. A voyage by…

Alumni Showcase: Dr Shannon Nell

In women’s month we continue to showcase some of our remarkable female alumni and today we profile one of our recent Doctoral graduates – Dr Shannon Nell This work is dedicated to nursing leaders – whoever and wherever you may be. I honour you. By Dr Shannon Nell Dr Nell comes from the health fraternity and has been a nurse for four decades. She has co-created in a multitude of clinical areas, including maternity, paediatrics, adult intensive care, and paediatric oncology, as well as in nursing education. Currently, Dr Nell serves as the Director of Nursing and Nursing Education at Netcare, a position she has held for the last seven years. We salute our remarkable Davincian, for all that she has done and continues to do on the frontline in our country, giving daily of herself to the betterment of others. Besides her extensive experience, Dr Nell also holds several…

Alumnus Showcase: Dr Estie Serfontein

A shining star in the Da Vinci Galaxy is our Doctoral Alumnus Dr Estie Serfontein, an agile, aligned and engaged managerial leader in the aviation industry. Dr Estie Serfontein is a dynamic and remarkable female leader of the aviation industry, and a Doctoral alumnus who flexes her academic muscles with her research output.  Dr Serfontein is also a self-motivated leader with passion and resilience in abundance and extensive experience in the aviation industry. She is the quality assurance manager for Execujet Aviation. Her skills have led her to successfully manage teams and processes as a strategic driver of programmes that allow for continuous quality improvement and efficiency through audits and special projects. Through her experience, Dr Serfontein has amassed a breadth of knowledge in analysing data and orchestrating project implementations, as well as ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations. Ever a consistent high achiever, Dr Serfontein not only successfully…

Alumni Showcase: Zain Reddiar

“We are entering a changing world of expatriation and international human resources management that will never be the same. The only way forward is the presentation of online solutions to a dynamic global mobility issue” – by Zain Donnovan Reddiar It always is an exhilarating moment when one of our remarkable student’s gets to fulfil a lifelong learning journey. Today it is one of our recent remarkable Doctoral alumnis and Council member Dr Zain Donovan Reddiar that we profile. Dr Reddiar explains that, “the journey was a mixture of excitement and trepidation.” He confesses to have experienced some, “highs and lows, but what a phenomenal journey it has been.” He concedes that, “there were times when I felt energised and on top of the world, as well as times when I felt completely confused.  The confusion spurred me to dig deeper, to read more, and I soon found my path.”…

Book Review Insights: Ross Saunders

Dr Heather Goode provides some insights into Da Vinci alumnus, Ross Sauders book, titled: This is not what I signed up for: A survival guide for first-time managers Of course, no company intends to promote someone incompetent or to promote someone until they are incompetent in their new position (the Peter Principlei), nor is it any managers intention to promote someone likely to fail. At least not usually, and if it does happen, there’s a story to tell. The sad truth is, that being an accountant doesn’t actually prepare you to manage accountants. That being a good programmer doesn’t prepare you to manage programmers, projects or diverse multi-skilled teams. Similarly, no one works for promotion in order to fail in their new role. And yet, research conducted by CEB shows that 60 per cent of new managers fail within the first 24 months of their new position. In today’s increasingly dynamic time,…

Alumni Showcase: Avesh Sundarlal

His measured personality exudes a serene quality about him, touched with a deep humbleness – this is how we describe our experience of Avesh Sundarlal’s character during his research period at the Home of Remarkability. Beneath the quiet demeanour in him is an unquenchable obsession for research, and his analyses are of a careful and even painstaking nature. These, perhaps, may be the sorts of qualities that could be associated with a mind that is constantly engaged in abstract matters of an academic kind and, by his own admission: “I love to learn … [and I am constantly] listening in to new ideas and simultaneously augmenting my own.” According to Mr Sundarlal, a day in his life without any learning engagement or new experiments is an opportunity wasted. The love for learning and the intellectual wherewithal that Mr Sundarlal possesses is something made evident in his research project titled: “A…

Alumni Showcase: Yusuf Adeojo

Researching for, but not limited to, a Doctoral Degree, and timeously having it completed, is the culmination of years of toil and is no easy feat. The trepidation that comes with it, nonetheless, may also be the much-needed occasional reminder and motivation for the researcher to keep on track with the researching momentum, as the journey evolves and ideas flow over time. This is the process that one of our newest Doctoral graduates, Dr Yusuf Adeojo underwent, and was rewarded at our recent 2021 graduation ceremony when he was conferred with his Doctoral degree from The Da Vinci Institute. The path to the attainment of his apex qualification may have not been a walk-in-the-park, but Dr Adeojo marched on and saw the journey leading through to its ultimate maturity and fruition. Dr Adeojo likens his PhD journey to the DNA sequencing process that fellow researchers and scientists often use when…

Alumni Showcase: Dr Reginah Masete

Today we celebrate with one of our own, recent Doctoral graduates, Dr Reginah Masete. Dr Masete describes herself as a highly inspired and focused person, who has a tremendous zeal for whatever projects she takes on. She is also passionate about seeing those around her harness their remarkability, leading to their successes in both their lives and careers, as well as in Academia. Dr Masete’s passion and pride for education make her an ideal encouraging force to her own community, motivating those in her circle to further their studies, as part of their continuous learning and development. Today, however, is about Dr Masete, as we share her own stride in education. Having completed her apotheosis qualification, as one of The Institute’s newest Doctoral graduates. Upon completing her Doctoral thesis, Dr Masete in her own words expounds that she is “so excited and can finally be at peace with my [curious]…

Alumnus/Vice-Chairperson of Council – Ntokozo Mahlangu

In 2017 Ntokozo Mahlangu graduated with a Master’s degree from The Da Vinci Institute. Little did he know at the time that two years down the line, after he had graduated, he would be appointed as The Institute’s Vice-Chair of The Da Vinci Institute Council. Sometimes meaningful engagements with brilliant souls tend to take their own direction and move swiftly at their self-regulated momentum – remarkably abiding, as it were, to their own accord. This, in fact, was how The Institute’s relationship with Mr Mahlangu began and over the years soared, and continues to do so, to this day. In his own words, “I [still] treasure my connection with The Da Vinci Institute”. The Home of Remarkability is a safe space, where all diverse minds merge in unity as one – as fellow Davincians. Mr Mahlangu’s energy and charismatic character have always led to wonderful and robust co-creations at The…

Alumni Showcase: Nhlanhla Magubane

One of our alumni, a master’s degree graduate, is Nhlanhla Magubane who graduated in 2020 with The Da Vinci Institute. His dissertation is titled: “Emerging and disruptive phenomena in the South African energy system in the context of economic and environmental sustainability.”  When enquired about the aim of his study, Mr Magubane states that, “this study is to analyse the emerging and disruptive phenomena in the energy system in South Africa. Furthermore, it provides a critical analysis on the diversification of the energy mix associated with the use of renewable energy and natural gas to generate clean and secure electricity in a decentralised manner, thus effectively managing the inevitable climate change impacts and stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations.”  Mr Magubane feels both humbled and honoured by this journey, attributing his faith and ancestors for his ability to have completed the master’s degree journey with the home of remarkability. In an African praise and oratory, he says: “Ngiphakamise udumo, ngidlulise nokubonga kuso sonke isizwe samaNkomose. Nina ba kaMdumo wamankankane nezikhova. Nina bakaMashikiyane, umhlane obeleth’ithole, loyo uKhokho wethu ozalwa uPotolozi, uPotolozi ezalwe uBhiyane, uBhiyane ezalwe uNyosi. Ngiyabonga Ndlandla, Msenganduna Namathokazi.”  His education experience at The Da Vinci Institute is something he praises as an insightful, meaningful and remarkable journey, where…