Alumni Showcase: Zain Reddiar

“We are entering a changing world of expatriation and international human resources management that will never be the same. The only way forward is the presentation of online solutions to a dynamic global mobility issue” – by Zain Donnovan Reddiar

It always is an exhilarating moment when one of our remarkable student’s gets to fulfil a lifelong learning journey. Today it is one of our recent remarkable Doctoral alumnis and Council member Dr Zain Donovan Reddiar that we profile.

Dr Reddiar explains that, “the journey was a mixture of excitement and trepidation.” He confesses to have experienced some, “highs and lows, but what a phenomenal journey it has been.” He concedes that, “there were times when I felt energised and on top of the world, as well as times when I felt completely confused.  The confusion spurred me to dig deeper, to read more, and I soon found my path.” On reflection Dr Reddiar seems nostalgic reminiscing over his completed research project – a thesis that certainly has impact.

Perhaps parenthetical to the above statement, is that he came to a realisation that the Doctoral journey, “…if anything, can humble you. To a large degree it truly has shaped my thought process, my approach to problems, my judgement of scenarios, and has enabled my ability to look through multiple lenses.” Owing to this journey, Dr Reddiar has evolved into a true Davinci systemic thinker, a fact he embraces with aplomb.

Dr Reddiar, is a unique individual that resonates a kaleidoscope effect when in his presence, a cacophony of multiple-faceted, colourful remarkability exudes from him. A self-confessed people’s person he has honed his expertise in the management of people in an authentically systemic way. This is further enhanced by his creative flair and keen eye for quality.

Dr Reddiar’s contribution to the body of knowledge is a framework about global mobility within the human resources management context: An assignment life cycle framework. His thesis is aimed at the global assignment life cycle and human resources management in international corporations within the HRM [Human Resources Management] context. His research focuses on global mobility, or what is more commonly known as expatriate management. He explored the impact these international assignments have on the expatriates, their families, and careers.

After an in-depth probing process and analyses, Dr Reddiar’s research findings have “… indicated that most expatriates perceived challenges, emotional disruption, and lack of HRM support during their assignments. There was no sustainable assignment policy and procedures to support expatriates throughout their assignment life cycle. Perceived lack of communication, engagement, and support during the assignment caused a failure during the expatriates’ assignment or repatriation.”

Furthermore, Dr Reddiar states that, “the application of the research and solution to the problem was the presentation of an assignment policy and procedures framework for the successful management of global assignments. The integrated, preferably, online assignment policy must be supported by regular communication, engagement and reliable information input for company return on investment (ROI).”

We are proud of how Dr Reddiar’s work contributes to sustainable development within the eco-system that he operates. He has taken ownership of this intellectual pursuit and his framework has offered a nugget of greatness that ought to fly through in the orbit of remarkability and contribute significantly to the field of Human Resource Management.

With his profound insights, Dr Reddiar we believe will certainly continue to contribute to the co-creation of meaningful workplaces in contemporary society. We would like to extend our warmest wishes to Dr Zain Reddiar for a remarkable path forward! We have no doubt he will continue to stay close and connected to The Da Vinci Institute.