Alumnus Showcase: Niradna Bechoo

A catch-up with our alumnus, Niradna Bechoo, who is also one of The Institute’s Programme Coordinators


One of Niradna’s primary roles is managing student relationships, a role she does with aplomb, as expressed by one of the BCom students who accords that when engaging with Niradna, “it’s like playing upon an exquisite violin, and she responds to every touch and thrill of the bow effectively.” That is quite a metaphor for someone whose services are impeccable, accompanied by a sense of understanding of the needs of the students. Niradna has been working in the education sector for the last decade in various roles and at various providers – an experience she treasures, for it has prepared her for the current role she holds at Da Vinci. 

Niradna is a curious being, and her passion for education has led her to become a Master’s degree holder and alumnus of The Da Vinci Institute. Her research project is titled: “Students’ perception of service quality at a private higher education institution in South Africa.” Niradna is filled with such pride for working at the home of remarkability that she decided to centre her dissertation in and around The Da Vinci Institute, as her research came as a result of her position and engagements with our students. “The purpose was to provide me greater insight on student’s perceptions and expectations which will aid me in continuing to ensure the service they receive will always be of high quality and standard”, Niradna adds. Prof Krishna Govender supervised her on this research journey. When asked about her research journey and the impact it made on her life, Niradna indicates that “studying at Da Vinci has changed the way I engage and interact [with others,] but most importantly it has enabled me to gain a better understanding and delve deeper into how I can better understand our students, to ensure that I deliver solutions resulting in improving our client experience and with a service that results in their satisfaction, which is vital.” 

When asked to render a quote that resonates deeply for her, Niradna states that it is by Martin Luther King Jr. who said that, “intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” As someone who’s been involved in the education sector for many years, Niradna advises that students “need to not only be academically strong but be morally strong for a good balance.” 


We recognise and celebrate Niradna’s contribution, and we are aware that she will always have a student-centred approach when co-creating with our students, as she continues to harness her remarkability!