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Alumni Showcase: Nhlanhla Magubane

One of our alumni, a master’s degree graduate, is Nhlanhla Magubane who graduated in 2020 with The Da Vinci Institute. His dissertation is titled: “Emerging and disruptive phenomena in the South African energy system in the context of economic and environmental sustainability.” 

When enquired about the aim of his study, Mr Magubane states that, “this study is to analyse the emerging and disruptive phenomena in the energy system in South Africa. Furthermore, it provides a critical analysis on the diversification of the energy mix associated with the use of renewable energy and natural gas to generate clean and secure electricity in a decentralised manner, thus effectively managing the inevitable climate change impacts and stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations.” 

Mr Magubane feels both humbled and honoured by this journey, attributing his faith and ancestors for his ability to have completed the master’s degree journey with the home of remarkability. In an African praise and oratory, he says: “Ngiphakamise udumo, ngidlulise nokubonga kuso sonke isizwe samaNkomose. Nina ba kaMdumo wamankankane nezikhova. Nina bakaMashikiyane, umhlane obeleth’ithole, loyo uKhokho wethu ozalwa uPotolozi, uPotolozi ezalwe uBhiyane, uBhiyane ezalwe uNyosi. Ngiyabonga Ndlandla, Msenganduna Namathokazi.” 

His education experience at The Da Vinci Institute is something he praises as an insightful, meaningful and remarkable journey, where he became fond of “the value of mode 2 learning production which integrates application, trans-disciplinarity, heterogeneity and organisational diversity.” Mr Magubane continues to state that “my experiences at The Da Vinci Institute have been sterling and enriching in many aspects.” He also accords that it was a surreal experience overall and extremely mind-altering. 

One of his best experiences at Da Vinci that kept him motivated and forward-moving throughout this research journey was the stimulating discussions during workshops, the think tanks, and the close interaction that he enjoyed “with some of the most prominent and respected academics, business executives and leaders from diverse backgrounds – insights from fellow students. Working at leading international and local corporations also helped me broaden my perspectives and worldview.” 

The Da Vinci Institute is proud to have Nhlanhla Magubane as one of our remarkable alumni, and may he continue with his positive influence in the co-creation of sustainable societies. We also wish that he emerges as an agile leader in his field of work – for he has truly harnessed his remarkability.