Alumni Showcase: Jacob Lempetje Masoeu

Jacob Lempetje Masoeu is one of our master’s degree graduates and can be described as someone who embraces his ability to see the holism in any given situation, rather than only seeing parts or snapshots of the whole. He also believes that this is quite critical, especially if one wants to understand the patterns of influence and change, and how those could be embraced to avoid their spiralling downwards into undesired consequences.  
Mr Masoeu gained this outlook when he began the research journey with The Da Vinci Institute, as a master’s degree studentHe states that the journey that he undertook challenged his personal views“and the management of my personal bias towards others completely. The fact that my truth is subjective and is born out of my personal experiences and realities of things as they evolve around me opened a whole new way of thinking and reasoning to me. I now approach and respond to the views and actions of others with greater care, respect and consideration”, Mr Masoeu accords.  
His chosen research topic is titled: “The Impact of Administration Processes of Construction Contracts on Major Refurbishment Projects at a State-Owned Energy Utility in South Africa.” In this research, Mr Masoeu unpacks the challenges faced by those working in the construction grounds and he also explains that, “my research work sought to lay bare the painful truth about factors ordinarily hidden to the man in the street, which consistently makes the business of managing construction contracts seem an impossible endeavour. These gaps, normally left unattended by those entrusted with the authority and power to manage them for the benefit of projects through contracts, continue to bleed life out of the economy of this country and others”, Mr Masoeu laments.  
Mr Masoeu hopes, in a nutshell, that the result of his research, will ultimately lead to the influencing of those in power structures, to intervene by somehow taking part in changing the course of such events into a more sustainable and attainable possibility, “in order to improve the chance of achieving projects objectives.”  
Mr Masoeu sees the characteristics of remarkability as being inherent in our make-up which he believes, “enables us to be persistent, exceptional, impressive, extraordinarily reliable and trustworthy if tapped upon.”  
The home of remarkability continues to celebrate with Da Vinci alumnus Jacob Lempetje Masoeu, as he has embraced complexity in his research and has also shown the capabilities of probing and bringing forth alternative ways of co-influencing new realities for a realistically attainable and sustainable future.