Alumni Showcase: Dr Reginah Masete

Today we celebrate with one of our own, recent Doctoral graduates, Dr Reginah Masete.

Dr Masete describes herself as a highly inspired and focused person, who has a tremendous zeal for whatever projects she takes on. She is also passionate about seeing those around her harness their remarkability, leading to their successes in both their lives and careers, as well as in Academia. Dr Masete’s passion and pride for education make her an ideal encouraging force to her own community, motivating those in her circle to further their studies, as part of their continuous learning and development. Today, however, is about Dr Masete, as we share her own stride in education. Having completed her apotheosis qualification, as one of The Institute’s newest Doctoral graduates.

Upon completing her Doctoral thesis, Dr Masete in her own words expounds that she is “so excited and can finally be at peace with my [curious] mind – and the spark within me that keeps saying ‘you are bigger than this.” Dr Masete’s Doctoral thesis under the title: “Client Engagement in Retail Banking: A Developing Socio-Economic Perspective”, is a study aimed at developing, “a comprehensive Client Engagement Management framework (CEM). This study used Absa Retail Bank as a case study to develop a conceptual CEM framework that can be applied to the South African retail banking sector. The CEM framework presents general guidance to the South African retail banking sector on conceivable ways to align their banks to be more client-focused and improve client engagement, to enhance client loyalty and retention.” Upon her findings, she states that eight themes emerged, they are:

  • Client understanding
  • Client engagement design
  • Client engagement measurement
  • Client engagement strategy
  • Client engagement implementation
  • Client engagement culture
  • Systems innovation and technology
  • Client engagement framework

It emerged crystal clear, according to Dr Masete, that the proposed CEM framework is increasingly becoming a focal area for many organisations, with banks included.

The journey may have not been an easy ride. In fact, Dr Masete propounds her own reality that “the journey has been lonely, frustrating, [paired] with a very long and exhausting process. It actually gives testimony to the [number] of challenges and frustrations that one has to come across but achieve regardless.” According to Dr Masete, the research journey, as challenging and frustrating as it was at times, certainly impacted her own way of thinking, and her outlook on complex issues in her own industry has now effectively been altered, and she is now a much more practical thinker. She has realised that answers are not necessarily right or wrong. She has come to appreciate the skill of listening and digesting more whilst also being proactively engaged, and simultaneously considering, before she responds, to first contemplate about what to say, to ensure that the response aligns with her personal brand and can therefore add sustainable value.

Dr Masete feels she has honed her systemic thinking and now has a “very exciting appointment with the future.” She asserts the fact of constantly having to remind herself, “that a Doctoral qualification is the highest level of academic [endeavour]. This is the qualification that holds the highest amount of significance and respect in the real world of work.” For Dr Masete, this is an awesome honour, as she is going to add to the number of female Doctoral holders the world over. It will certainly, “turn around my entire life, [co-creational] experiences, and prospects for the future”.

Dr Masete’s advice to those who are following her on this excitingly adventurous research path is that “it is of primordial importance to note the reality that nothing comes as easy. With more dedication and zeal, however, both those characteristics can make the impossible journey a possibility.”

We at The Da Vinci Institute are aware that Reginah Masete has carved, through sheer hard work, zeal, and dedication, the possibility to attain this apex qualification with the Home of Remarkability and is now in a position to go out to the universe and contribute with her new knowledge, by co-creating sustainable solutions to complex challenges in the banking sector, her industry.

We wish you an abundance of continuous success ahead, Dr Reginah Masete!