Alumni Showcase: Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara

ALUMNI: Meet The Da Vinci Institute’s Alumnus, External Examiner and Visiting Lecturer, Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara


The home of remarkability recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of its own, Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate from the class of 2018. This is a recognition of how she has harnessed her remarkability, utilising the tools of her engaging mind. Originally from Zimbabwe, Dr Mutambara grew up to educationist parents and had a burning desire and insatiable curiosity to always get a deep and more meaningful understanding of the world and its diverse societies. She ultimately got a chance to do so through education, and through the subsequent opportunities she got of touring the world. In consequence, her touring around, and exploring of, the globe has arguably enhanced her world view about the international scene of education. A voyage by a Davincian and curious being.

For much of her curiosity, she chiefly credits her father’s great educational influence over her. Dr Mutambara is a thoughtful and engaging person. She is a passionate and good-humoured individual.  Her mesmerising personality casts a bubbly persona about her, coupled with her intellectual prowess. She is a highly committed and hardworking individual who also, by her own admission, believes in proper governance for co-created and sustainable workspaces. Apart from all of her many worthy endeavours, we also appreciate Dr Mutambara’s co-creation in the academic environment as an external examiner, and visiting lecturer at The Da Vinci Institute.

Dr Mutambara is a woman with multifaceted skills, as she possesses an entrepreneurial spirit. She runs Strategic Agile Consultancy Pty (Ltd) as its Founder and Managing-Director. Dr Mutambara has also presented academic papers on the international stage – in places such as various European countries, the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Africa. Furthermore, Dr Mutambara is a scholar consulting in the African Corporate Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Directorial Development and Evaluation realms. Additionally, she is also an evaluation and sustainable development global abstract reviewer, a certified member in diverse global professional associations – supporting the vision of multi-disciplinary evidence-based and data-informed policy, action, and practice. A systemic thinker in action.

Moreover, Dr Mutambara has integrated all her varied skills, which includes her writing and thinking prowess, into a thought leadership substance of literature. She is the author of a recently published book entitled, “Corporate Social Sustainability Systems Thinking in Turbulent Times.” This book, fundamentally, serves as a practical business guide in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and at the cusp of the 5th Industrial Revolution and beyond perspectives. It is already made available for online purchases on diverse, global platforms such as Amazon (also, in the USA: Amazon) and Morebooks. This book is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch.

When asked to share her most treasured quote, Dr Mutambara says it is from one of Leonardo da Vinci’s noted famous sayings: “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” It is a quote that speaks directly to her soul, she admits. Following this quote, and as a suggestion from Dr Mutambara, she challenges humanity, more especially those who co-create within the academic fraternity, to embrace the concept of fanning the inner sparks of possibility into remarkability through embracing the lifelong learning approach in their lives.

Today, as we celebrate her, we also wish Dr Diliah Abigail Mutambara many more successes in life, and in her illustrious career!