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Alumni Showcase: Avesh Sundarlal

His measured personality exudes a serene quality about him, touched with a deep humbleness – this is how we describe our experience of Avesh Sundarlal’s character during his research period at the Home of Remarkability. Beneath the quiet demeanour in him is an unquenchable obsession for research, and his analyses are of a careful and even painstaking nature. These, perhaps, may be the sorts of qualities that could be associated with a mind that is constantly engaged in abstract matters of an academic kind and, by his own admission: “I love to learn … [and I am constantly] listening in to new ideas and simultaneously augmenting my own.” According to Mr Sundarlal, a day in his life without any learning engagement or new experiments is an opportunity wasted.

The love for learning and the intellectual wherewithal that Mr Sundarlal possesses is something made evident in his research project titled: “A feasibility study on migrating from an open-source to a closed-source infrastructure within a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) environment in the South African banking sector.” This study, with its aim, “to determine if there was a marked difference in the quality, costs and security of Open-Source Software (OSS) versus Closed Source Software (CSS)”, is a well-researched document that has already added value to his industry – the banking sector.

Daring and as precious as this research project has become, it is due to its conclusion, which was reached by the researcher, following a series of findings, “that it is feasible to migrate from an open-source infrastructure to a closed-source infrastructure within a VoIP environment in the South African Banking sector, and there are significant benefits to be gained by the organisation.” Furthermore, and as noted by the author, the outcomes of his research can also be utilised, “as a guide for any organisation to evaluate their own environments”.

In as much as the remarkability in the thesis document is much noted, with a myriad anticipation of the value it certainly will produce, we turn to the human element in the form of its producer…Mr Sundarlal’s voracious grasp of facts and the vast knowledge he undoubtedly acquired from the experience of his research journey, entailed hard work and resilience on his work-based challenge. He has truly harnessed his intellectual capability and we are without any qualms that this shall stand him in good stead in his world of work where his research project is and will be of immense value. By Mr Sundarlal’s own admission of his readiness for the practical world of co-creation: “I’m now well equipped to better understand a diverse business environment. I am prepared to be more open-minded in researching and implementing new ideas in the business environment. I’m equipped with the knowledge and ready to share these ideas to the next generation of leaders.”

Having completed his Master’s degree, and when requested to deliberate on this noteworthy journey in his life so far, Mr Sundarlal had this to say: “The Master’s journey was a long and challenging journey that required deep focus and study. I am appreciative of my family who allowed me the space and support to complete this journey. The support from the Da Vinci team [also] has been amazing, and they have always been there to support and assist me. The lecturers invited spirited debate into the coursework which challenged me. The journey widened my preconceived perception of reality. Looking back at the journey, there is an overall sense of fulfilment and gratitude. I have stood on the shoulders of giants to achieve my remarkability.”

Additionally, and finally; as much as the journey has broadened his way of thinking, it also “has [helped to surface] concepts that I had not previously considered.” It challenged the other various concepts he had in mind and with his own biases on them. The fresh concepts of leading with heart, diversity, and inclusivity in mind, “are lessons that I am able to carry with me and will share in many spheres.”

Now perhaps a wisdom-toting person along with the reality of having completed the Master’s journey, his advice to fellow researchers is as follows: “This is a path where you will need to acclimatise your mind, so be prepared for the mind-shift. The journey requires hard work, perseverance, and bravery. Don’t give up – do embrace the journey.”

His is a story to celebrate and propagate. For this is a story about evolving, as Mr Sundarlal has certainly moved the needle forward in favour of change in his field. He has demonstrated mastery and a high-order outlook in his research project.

Join us in wishing the personification of remarkability, Avesh Sundarlal, a successful path forward!