A catch up with Dr Dzingai Katsamba, Dean of Innovation & Technology and Head adjudicator for tt100 Business Awards

Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our faculty members at The Da Vinci Institute – Dr Dzingai Katsama who has just been nominated as a working group member/committee member for SABS (South African Bureau of Standards), a national standardisation authority. 
Dr Katsamba is a global entrepreneur, an astute agile leader and a philanthropist. As a businessman, his flagship business has 15 branches in 15 African countries where they lead with innovation and technology. A noted academic, he specialises in innovation, and offers his academic time to various institutions across the world where he supervises both MBA and PhD students. 
Dr Katsamba holds a PhD, an MBA, a BBA in Marketing Management, and an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has demonstrated the importance of the fusion of academia and entrepreneurship in changing the economic situation in Africa and the world over. 
When asked about his decision to join The Da Vinci Institute as a faculty member, Dr Katsamba states that he has “always been a firm believer of gainfully contributing to the world of academia as [education] is the key to eradicate poverty and change the world”, and he believes that The Da Vinci Institute was founded precisely on this premise. “Since its inception, Da Vinci has been focusing on innovation and technology, [while] most institutions do not possess a laser-sharp focus on innovation and technology,” and these are his areas of passion. 
Additionally, “I love remarkability in all aspects of my life and, coincidentally, Da Vinci has remarkability as an underpinning guiding principle to their staff, students, alumni, partners and associates”, and from his influence in the African space, he embraces the possibility to realise and see sustainable societies become a reality, which is also a Davincian dream that enticed him. 
According to Dr Katsamba, The Da Vinci Institute, “is offering an approach to education that is unique and relevant to the evolving needs of Africa and the world at large.” It helps in preparing the students to revisit and redefine their way of thinking, to hopefully co-create their own societal realities. This, according to Dr Katsamba creates “a great source of a sustainable competitive advantage.” 
As a faculty member at The Da Vinci Institute, Dr Katsamba provides, “input in the development and review of learning material and assessments to align with the Da Vinci approach to Teaching and Learning. I also ensure that [The Institute’s] lenses are incorporated into all learning material. I also offer tuition to our students within the innovation faculty and assess [as well] the evolution of various aspects of the industry so [as to ensure] that we remain on the leading edge of innovation and technology”, asserts Dr Katsamba. 
One of the recent highlights to his career was being nominated and having accepted a position as a working group member/committee member for SABS – representing The Da Vinci Institute. By partaking as a committee member in such a crucial activity, the home-of-remarkability is now positioned as a leading Institution within innovation standards, and we couldn’t be prouder. 
We wish Dr Katsamba a remarkable path forward, and we wish for him to continue harnessing his remarkability. For he is a beam of light wherever he co-creates!