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Virtual Book Talk: Prof Ben Anderson & Jared Diamond

Join The Da Vinci Institute’s Virtual Book Talk, with our Executive Chairperson Professor Ben Anderson! We are delighted to invite you to The Da Vinci Institute’s Book Talk hosted by Professor Ben Anderson and featuring a book by American geographer, historian, and ornithologist – Jared Diamond.

The Institute seeks to foster curiosity within our community. We encourage this through our series of book reviews/talks, with the purpose of motivating others to delve into selected literature and probe these texts.
Diamond’s book being reviewed is titled: “Upheaval”, and largely based on “how nations cope with crisis and change.”
We look forward to you joining us to hear Professor Anderson himself discussing his chosen book, as well as some leadership thoughts thereof.


Thursday 2 December 2021

15:30 to 16:30

REGISTER: https://zurl.co/66Wt