2021 April


22 Apr: Student Showcase: Doctoral candidate Daud Taranike

The Da Vinci Institute recently engaged with Daud Taranike who has just defended his Doctoral degree with The Institute.  Those who have embarked on this journey of a Doctoral qualification, often regard it in metaphorical terms as sailing through an undiscovered territory sometimes through rough seas and sometimes through calm shallows but always an exploration. Daud Taranike sailed through the storm and chartered his way through the examination process and oral defense by presenting his unique contribution to the field.    Being a Davincian, according to Taranike, means being associated as, “a member of a remarkable community [The Da Vinci institute] that is committed to achieving the highest possible academic standards, and the ability to resolve current and pressing challenges within my community and society at large. As such, this [affiliation] has made it possible for me to positively impact people in different spheres of life thereby helping them to enjoy the fullness…

13 April 2021

13 Apr: Student Showcase: Doctoral candidate Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla

We often make of our destinies what we can, and if we were to put into perspective Doctoral candidate Mahlora Shelboy Sedutla – Director of Market Business Development at Tshwane Fresh Produce Market, and his destiny, his has remarkability associated with it.   When asked to describe himself, Sedutla characterises himself as someone who is passionate about community development and motivated by positive outcomes. One of Sedutla’s positive outcomes recently was the completion of the requirements towards attaining his Doctoral qualification with The Da Vinci Institute. A journey that he views as resembling that of a marathon. In his own words, “a Doctorate is a long process and it takes a lot of time and involves a lot of innovative thinking.” However, as Sedutla continues, “I have given myself enough time to concentrate on my [studying journey] and have worked quite closely with my supervisors too”.   Sedutla encourages candidates embarking on this journey, to measure themselves because it is a long process and…