Your research is too valuable to keep to yourself!

Da Vinci Master’s and Doctoral graduates are sitting on a goldmine of knowledge and insights that the world is eager to learn from and apply. Now is the time to spread that knowledge far and wide.


People out there care about our research. For proof, look no further than ResearchGate, an opensource platform where 15 million researchers around the world publish their articles for everyone to read – free of charge for researchers and readers alike.
At this stage, The Da Vinci Institute has a fairly small presence on ResearchGate: just over 73 staff, students and alumni have signed up as members. Slowly and surely, though, we are starting to make an impression. Where we started out not long ago with a ResearchGate score of only 7, we then climbed to 8.4, followed by 9 and now stand at 12.35%.
We still have a long way to go, as the ResearchGate scale goes all the way up to 100. However, as more of us join ResearchGate, our presence will grow and so, more importantly, will the reach of our research. “We have a lot of content and it is such valuable stuff, especially our Doctoral studies, that we should be sharing it,” says Dr Ronel Blom, Dean: Research at Da Vinci.
Expert writers on hand to help
Granted, most of The Institute’s postgraduate students and alumni are working people in senior positions or running their own companies, with little time left to publish articles on their research. But, as always, we have made a plan to overcome such challenges – by appointing expert writers to assist students and graduates alike to turn their dissertations and theses into publishable articles. Let us help you showcase your research.
When an article is ready to be published, it can be posted quickly and easily on an opensource platform like ResearchGate, which provides statistics on who has been reading and citing each author’s work.
If you’d like to share your research with the world, please contact Dr Ronel Blom or Tumi Pitsie in the Research Office. Call 011 608 1331.
Here’s to sharing and applying knowledge generated through and in the context of application!