Workshop on Smart Cities Co-hosted by IERE and CLPRI Sees Convergence of People, Technologies and Big Data


 24 November 2016

Workshop on Smart Cities Co-hosted by IERE and CLPRI Sees Convergence of People, Technologies and Big Data

International Electric Research Exchange (IERE) and CLP Research Institute (CLPRI) co-hosted a workshop entitled “Smart Cities – A Convergence of People, Technologies and Big Data” on 21-24 November 2016 in Hong Kong. The workshop gathered over 100 industry experts, business executives, academia and R&D professionals from Japan, Korea, Mainland China, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia and Hong Kong to share insights on the latest researches and initiatives of how technologies, big data and their intelligent applications can enable people’s interaction with city facilities and infrastructure, making urban living safer, more convenient, efficient and comfortable.

In light of the rapidly changing technology landscape, IERE Central Office has commissioned Frost and Sullivan to compile the Technology Foresight 2016 which identified the top 20 emerging technologies that could play a critical role in the electricity industry in the coming decades by addressing climate change. The top 5 technologies include Energy Storage Devices, Big Data, Prosumer, Renewable and Distributed Generation, and Climate Modeling. The key objective is to provide up-to-date information with sufficient depth of technical background as well as strategic implications to its stakeholders. In particular, IERE would like this report to serve as an informative source of insight for those who may play a key role in promoting and collaborating in R&D activities.

Mr Gregory Tosen, Chair of IERE, kicked off the workshop, “There are many factors driving the rapid changes in the worldwide electric industry today. Increased presence of non-conventional energy sources, advancement of utility grid operation technologies, and further penetration of enabling technologies that support demand-side resources are just a few examples. As a leading organisation with global and world-class expertise in supporting and promoting technology innovations in the global electric industry, IERE is in a strong position to provide thought leadership on technology solutions that could shape the future trajectory of the industry.”

“The concept of Smart Cities has become one of the hottest topics around the world. CLP has been diligently developing our power systems over the last century based on the rapidly advancing technologies to contribute to Hong Kong’s vision of a smart city. This workshop is another example of our commitment to empowering the industry with new technologies and making lives smarter through close collaborations with important organisations like IERE,” said Mrs Betty Yuen, Group Director & Vice Chairman of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, in her welcome keynote.

The conference also featured keynote addresses on smart cities by Mr Kam-sing Wong, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, the HKSAR Government, Dr Satoshi Morozumi, Director General of New Energy and Industrial Technology Department Organisation (NEDO) of Japan, and Professor Seung Il Moon, President of Korea Electrical Engineering & Science Research Institute.    

Photo Captions:

Photo 1

Group Director & Vice Chairman of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Mrs Betty Yuen (fourth right) and Chair of IERE Mr Gregory Tosen (third right) invited the honorable guests, Secretary for the Environment Mr Wong Kam-sing (third left), President of Korea Electrical Engineering & Science Research Institute Professor Seung Il Moon (second left), Director General of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation Dr Satoshi Morozumi (first left), Secretary General of IERE Dr Takao Watanabe (second right) and Industry Principal of Frost & Sullivan Ms Kee Wai-fun (first right) for a photo at the workshop.

Photo 2

Mr Gregory Tosen, Chair of IERE kicked off the workshop and welcomed all the guests.

Photo 3

Mrs Betty Yuen, Group Director & Vice Chairman of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited said CLP was committed to contribute to Hong Kong’s vision of a smart city through new technologies.


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