Tristan Keeley, 3rd year BCom student shares his experiences at Da Vinci

Tristan Keeley is a BCom Aviation student at Da Vinci and is currently on his third and final year. He presented his Word Based Challenge to guests, fellow colleagues and associates on 26 March 2015 at Da Vinci.

We caught up with him afterward to hear of his experiences.

“My journey started at Da Vinci because I wanted to have a degree to my name in order to further my career in the field of aviation.

When I started the BCom degree I had very little knowledge of business management and other subjects such as technology, innovation, systems and research.

Through doing this qualification, it is has afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge into these different fields and also become much more aware of the operations of business.

If I look back at my assignments from first year and compare them to the assignments I have submitted in 3rd year, the change in my thought processes and writing styles has changed tremendously.

This just shows me the amount that I have grown and developed as an individual. I am very pleased that I studied at Da Vinci and have been taught by some of the best facilitators in the industry.”

Tristan, We look forward to seeing you at Graduation 2015