logo_trans4m_with-tagline-150x112TRANS4M is an Institute for Integral Innovation, based in Geneva, Switzerland.It supports transformation agents in different parts of the world including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Germany, UK and the United States to release their full and particular potential. The institute’s innovative research and educational programs serve to enable individuals with their respective enterprises and communities to contribute to their society’s most burning issues.

Over the past decades the institute has developed a unique knowledge basis that provides integrated approaches to economics, enterprise, development and research. With its knowledge base, TRANS4M aims to contribute to a new, transformative approach to research and education, that is locally relevant, globally resonant and holistically incorporating all realms of society.

Together with daVinci, TRANS4M offers an integral action-research driven PhD Program for individuals and their organizations and communities seeking to become Integral Innovators. This program is designed as a research-to-innovation journey, resulting in concrete outcomes, within and without each institution, and its community and/or society. Through the partnership of daVinci and TRANS4M a unique combination of a socio-technical (Da Vinci) and transcultural-developmental (TRANS4M) innovation perspective is offered.


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