The Da Vinci library – by Dewald Kruger

Libraries often tell us that they need you in order to keep on existing. They use the age old adage “what can you do for your library?”

At The Da Vinci Institute we are different. We ask what our library can do for you!

In accordance with Da Vinci’s long-standing tradition of excellence, we aim to serve you in the following innovative and proactive ways –

5 ways your Da Vinci library serves you:

1.    Our approach to research assistance is different – we aim to source articles and research before you even know you need it.  As you write your proposal we try to give you new research that will help to broaden your perspective and awaken new lines of thought.
2.  By working closely with the facilitators we know which books are the most valuable and relevant to the subject matter. With this is mind, we have built our library to serve the students with everything they need to be able to complete their studies.

Our process of continually acquiring new books means that we will remain up to date with the latest releases.

3.   Our new website makes it easier to borrow the books you need. This means that you can now browse books online at your leisure. We have catalogued the books into the subject matter as well so that it is easier to find

4.    Our relationship with other universities ensure that we can give students access to the latest research articles in a variety of fields.
5.    Lastly, we offer ongoing training to assist you in utilizing the library databases that you have access to. 

These are just some of the ways that we at the Da Vinci Library are trying to assist you to ensure that the library does not need your assistance, but you will want ours!

For any assistance please email our Information Officer Dewald Kruger at