The Coaching Centre

TCC-final-logo-150x49The Coaching Centre offers coaching and mentoring solutions within organizations, in addition to offering accredited public programmes. Through our deep emersion in coaching, adult learning and leadership practice, our offerings create profound shifts and transformation for individuals, teams and organizations.Our way of coaching and mentoring has developed through finely tuned integration of the perennial philosophies of the west, east and African approaches. We are the first coaching company to have a faculty and coaching process that embodies our diversity while honouring the collective wisdom of our multi-cultural environment and experience.

The Coaching Centre is the first in South Africa to have a faculty of professional and academically qualified coaches delivering their programmes. The faculty has prior academic and professional qualifications in the field of business, medicine, psychology, marketing, education, economics, and have been leaders of business, media, health, education and government departments. These faculty members bring their worlds of experience and diversity, and have added to their skills with coaching qualifications of the highest level, which include masters and doctorates.